1868 in Denmark

Events from the year 1868 in Denmark.

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  • - Magasin du Nord established - In 1868 Theodor Wessel and Emil Vett established a business in Aarhus with the sale of appliances. A few years after they opened a branch in Aalborg and a wholesale company in Copenhagen. The company in Copenhagen was quickly expanded with a retail business that was established in rented premises in Hotel du Nord at Kgs. Nytorv. Wessel and Vett bought the hotel and around 1890 the older hotel building was demolished and with the acquisition of neighboring houses, one could build the building inspired by the French building style, which the customers know today. During major festivities, the department store was opened just before Christmas in December 1893.

On the facade there is today "Hotel du Nord", but it refers to the former property on the spot where there was a hotel.

  • 24 April – A law is adopted providing for the construction of a new port at Esbjerg, until then a tiny community, a replacement for the harbour in Altona, which had previously been Denmark's most important North Sea harbour.[2]
  • 7 August – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Copenhagen is established.
  • 16 October – All Danish rights to the Nicobar Islands, which since 1848 had been gradually abandoned, are sold to the British as the last remains of Danish India.




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