1868 Danish West Indies status referendum

A referendum on transferring ownership to the United States was held on 9 January 1868 on the islands of Sankt Jan and Sankt Thomas, two of three main islands in the Danish West Indies.[1] In the referendum, held by universal male suffrage, voters could approve or reject the outcome of negotiations for the sale of the two islands to the United States for US$7.5 million. The third island, Sankt Croix, was to be sold separately to the US at a later date.

1868 Danish West Indies status referendum

9 January 1868 (1868-01-09)

Votes %
Yes 1,244 98.26%
No 22 1.74%

The sale was approved by 98.26% of voters. Although it was a binding referendum, the US Senate finally reneged on the agreement in 1870.[1] The Islands were later transferred to the United States after a second referendum in 1916 and the subsequent Treaty of the Danish West Indies.


Choice Votes %
 Y For 1,244 98.26
Against 22 1.74
Invalid/blank votes
Total 1,266 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Direct Democracy

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