1862 United States elections

The 1862 United States elections occurred in the middle of Republican President Abraham Lincoln's first term, during the Third Party System and the Civil War. Members of the 38th United States Congress were chosen in this election. West Virginia and Nevada joined the union during the 38th Congress, but several states were in rebellion, reducing the size of both chambers of Congress. The Republican Party kept control of Congress, although it was reduced to a plurality in the House.

1862 United States elections
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Midterm elections
Incumbent presidentAbraham Lincoln (Republican)
Next Congress38th
Senate elections
Overall controlRepublican hold
Seats contested22 of 48 seats[1]
Net seat changeRepublican +1[2]
House elections
Overall controlRepublican hold
Seats contestedAll 184 voting seats
Net seat changeDemocratic +27[2]
1862 House of Representatives election results

  Democratic seat
  Republican seat

  Independent seat

In the House, Democrats won several seats, ending the Republican majority. Republicans won a plurality of seats, while several seats were occupied by politicians identifying as Unionists.[3] Republican Schuyler Colfax won election as Speaker of the House.

In the Senate, Republicans picked up a small number of seats, retaining a commanding majority.[4]

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