1844 Connecticut gubernatorial election

The 1844 Connecticut gubernatorial election was held on April 3, 1844. Former state legislator, Amistad lawyer and Whig nominee Roger Sherman Baldwin was elected, defeating incumbent governor and Democratic nominee Chauncey Fitch Cleveland with 49.41% of the vote.

1844 Connecticut gubernatorial election

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  GovRogerBaldwin.jpg Chauncey Fitch Cleveland (Connecticut Governor).jpg
Nominee Roger Sherman Baldwin Chauncey Fitch Cleveland
Party Whig Democratic
Electoral vote 116 93
Popular vote 30,093 28,846
Percentage 49.41% 47.36%

Governor before election

Chauncey Fitch Cleveland

Elected Governor

Roger Sherman Baldwin

Although Baldwin won a plurality of the vote, he fell short of a majority. The state constitution at the time required that in such a case, the Connecticut General Assembly decides the election. The state legislature voted for Baldwin, 116 to 93, and Baldwin became the governor.[1]

General electionEdit


Major party candidates

  • Roger Sherman Baldwin, Whig
  • Chauncey Fitch Cleveland, Democratic

Minor party candidates

  • Francis Gillette, Liberty


1844 Connecticut gubernatorial election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Whig Roger Sherman Baldwin 30,093 49.41%
Democratic Chauncey Fitch Cleveland (incumbent) 28,846 47.36%
Liberty Francis Gillette 1,971 3.24%
Plurality 1,247
1844 Connecticut gubernatorial election, contingent General Assembly election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Whig Roger Sherman Baldwin 116 55.50%
Democratic Chauncey Fitch Cleveland (incumbent) 93 44.50%
Majority 23
Whig gain from Democratic Swing


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