1842 in birding and ornithology

Ongoing events

  • The Birds of Australia birds first described in this work in 1842 include the green pygmy goose, the painted firetail, the torrent duck, the letter-winged kite and the welcome swallow .
  • William Jardine and Prideaux John Selby with the co-operation of James Ebenezer Bicheno Illustrations of ornithology various publishers (Four volumes) 1825 and [1836–43]. Although issued partly in connection with the volume of plates, under the same title (at the time of issue), text and plates were purchasable separately and the publishers ... express the hope, also voiced by the author in his preface to the present work, that the text will constitute an independent work of reference. Vol. I was issued originally in 1825 [by A. Constable, Edinburgh], with nomenclature according to Temminck
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