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Events from the year 1832 in Canada.

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  • 7,800 French-Canadians are killed by the cholera epidemic – 3,800 in Quebec and 4,000 in Montreal. Meetings of French Canadians attribute the cholera to British immigrants, 52 000 having arrived in that same year.
  • The City of Montreal is incorporated. Heretofore an out-port of Quebec, it becomes a port of entry.
  • William Lyon Mackenzie leaves for England with 25,000 names on the petition advocating more powers for elected representatives, with little result. He is expelled from the Assembly and re-elected while away.
  • The Rideau Canal is opened after six years of construction.

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Historical documentsEdit

Extensive geographical description of "Indian territories" from Labrador to Pacific Ocean (Note: racial stereotypes)[2]

Prince Edward Island society described in terms of class and ethnic (English, Scottish, Irish, Acadian) stereotypes[3]

Fur trading rivalry in Saguenay region makes trade of little value to any but Indigenous people, who "will soon be extinct"[4]


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