1829 United States House of Representatives elections in Tennessee

Tennessee elected its members August 6–7, 1829 after the term began but before Congress convened.

District Incumbent This race
Member Party First elected Results Candidates
Tennessee 1 John Blair Jacksonian 1823 Incumbent re-elected.
  • Green tickY John Blair (Jacksonian) 67.3%
  • John A. Rogers 16.5%
  • William Priestly 16.2%
Tennessee 2 Pryor Lea Jacksonian 1827 Incumbent re-elected.
Tennessee 3 James C. Mitchell Jacksonian 1825 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Jacksonian hold.
Tennessee 4 Jacob C. Isacks Jacksonian 1823 Incumbent re-elected.
Tennessee 5 Robert Desha Jacksonian 1827 Incumbent re-elected.
Tennessee 6 James K. Polk Jacksonian 1825 Incumbent re-elected.
Tennessee 7 John Bell Jacksonian 1827 Incumbent re-elected.
Tennessee 8 John H. Marable Jacksonian 1825 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Jacksonian hold.
Tennessee 9 Davy Crockett Jacksonian 1827 Incumbent re-elected to a different party.
Anti-Jacksonian gain.

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