1815 Georgia gubernatorial election

The 1815 Georgia gubernatorial election was held on 20 November 1815 in order to elect the Governor of Georgia. Democratic-Republican candidate and former Governor David Brydie Mitchell defeated fellow Democratic-Republican candidate and incumbent Governor Peter Early, Democratic-Republican candidate and former Governor Jared Irwin and Democratic-Republican candidate John Clark in a Georgia General Assembly vote.[1]

1815 Georgia gubernatorial election

← 1813 20 November 1815 1817 →
Nominee David Brydie Mitchell Peter Early
Party Democratic-Republican Democratic-Republican
Popular vote 67 49
Percentage 55.83% 40.83%

Governor before election

Peter Early

Elected Governor

David Brydie Mitchell

General election edit

On election day, 20 November 1815, Democratic-Republican candidate David Brydie Mitchell won the election against his foremost opponent fellow Democratic-Republican candidate Peter Early after initially ending up with 4 votes short of beating Early during the first ballot. Mitchell was sworn in for his third term on 20 November 1815.[2]

Results edit

Georgia gubernatorial election, 1815[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic-Republican David Brydie Mitchell 67 55.83
Democratic-Republican Peter Early (incumbent) 49 40.83
Democratic-Republican Jared Irwin 2 1.67
Democratic-Republican John Clark 2 1.67
Total votes 120 100.00
Democratic-Republican hold

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