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1808 United States House of Representatives elections in Massachusetts

District Incumbent This race
Representative Party First elected Results Candidates[a]
Massachusetts 1
"Suffolk district"
Josiah Quincy Federalist 1804 Incumbent re-elected. Josiah Quincy (Federalist) 59.1%
William Jarvis (Democratic-Republican) 40.8%
Massachusetts 2
"Essex South district"
Joseph Story Democratic-Republican 1808 (Special) Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Federalist gain.
Benjamin Pickman Jr. (Federalist) 52.2%
Daniel Kilham (Democratic-Republican) 47.8%
Massachusetts 3
"Essex North district"
Edward St. Loe Livermore Federalist 1806 Incumbent re-elected. Edward St. Loe Livermore (Federalist) 63.6%
Thomas Kitteridge (Democratic-Republican) 36.0%
Massachusetts 4
"Middlesex district"
Joseph Bradley Varnum Democratic-Republican 1794 Incumbent re-elected. Joseph Bradley Varnum (Democratic-Republican) 63.4%
Abraham Bigelow (Federalist) 36.%
Massachusetts 5
"Hampshire South district"
William Ely Federalist 1804 Incumbent re-elected. William Ely (Federalist) 66.0%
Samuel Fowler (Democratic-Republican) 33.9%
Massachusetts 6
"Hampshire North district"
Samuel Taggart Federalist 1803 Incumbent re-elected. Samuel Taggart (Federalist) 68.4%
Solomon Snead (Democratic-Republican) 31.5%
Massachusetts 7
"Plymouth district"
Joseph Barker Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent retired.
Two ballots were held, but the second was invalidated.[b]
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Charles Turner Jr. (Democratic-Republican) 50.4%
William Baylies (Federalist) 49.2%
Massachusetts 8
"Barnstable district"
Isaiah L. Green Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Gideon Gardner (Democratic-Republican) 58.1%
Wendall Davis (Federalist) 41.9%
Massachusetts 9
"Bristol district"
Josiah Dean Democratic-Republican 1806 Lost re-election
Federalist gain.
Laban Wheaton (Federalist) 56.8%
Josiah Dean (Democratic-Republican) 42.7%
Massachusetts 10
"Worcester South district"
Jabez Upham Federalist 1806 Incumbent re-elected. Jabez Upham (Federalist) 54.3%
Edward Bangs (Democratic-Republican) 44.4%
John Spurr (Democratic-Republican) 1.2%
Massachusetts 11
"Worcester North district"
William Stedman Federalist 1803 Incumbent re-elected. William Stedman (Federalist) 65.3%
Moses White (Democratic-Republican) 32.3%
Abijah Bigelow (Federalist) 1.8%
Massachusetts 12
"Berkshire district"
Ezekiel Bacon Democratic-Republican 1807 (Special) Incumbent re-elected. Ezekiel Bacon (Democratic-Republican) 54.4%
John W. Hulbert (Federalist) 45.6%
Massachusetts 13
"Norfolk district"
Ebenezer Seaver Democratic-Republican 1803 Incumbent re-elected. Ebenezer Seaver (Democratic-Republican) 57.7%
Edward Robbins (Federalist) 42.1%
Massachusetts 14
"York district," District of Maine
Richard Cutts Democratic-Republican 1801 Incumbent re-elected. Richard Cutts (Democratic-Republican) 51.2%
Joseph Leland (Federalist) 47.7%
Others 1.0%
Massachusetts 15
"Cumberland district," District of Maine
Daniel Ilsley Democratic-Republican 1804 Lost re-election
Federalist gain.
Ezekiel Whitman (Federalist) 50.9%
Daniel Ilsley (Democratic-Republican) 49.1%
Massachusetts 16
"Lincoln district," District of Maine
Orchard Cook Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent re-elected. Orchard Cook (Democratic-Republican) 50.9%
Alden Bradford (Federalist) 48.1%
Barzillai Gannett (Democratic-Republican) 1.0%
Massachusetts 17
"Kennebec district," District of Maine
John Chandler Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
Barzillai Gannett (Democratic-Republican) 50.6%
Thomas Rice (Federalist) 48.7%

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  1. ^ Only candidates with at least 1% of the vote listed.
  2. ^ In the 7th district, there were 430 votes for "Charles Turner" which were counted separately from Charles Turner Jr. (Democratic-Republican). This caused the vote tally to be William Baylies (Federalist) 1,828 (49.4%), Charles Turner Jr. (Democratic-Republican) 1,443 (39.0%), "Charles Turner" 430 (11.6%). As no candidate had a majority, a second election was held on January 19, 1809 which elected Baylies with 54.3% of the vote. Turner successfully contested this election, and was subsequently declared the winner based on the first ballot, with the second invalidated. He was seated June 8, 1809[1]


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