1800 New Hampshire's at-large congressional district special election

A special election was held in New Hampshire's at-large congressional district on August 25, 1800 to fill a vacancy left by William Gordon (F) resigning to accept an appointment as New Hampshire Attorney General on June 12, 1800.

Election resultsEdit

New Hampshire electoral law required a majority for election, which was not met on the first ballot, requiring a run-off election on October 27, 1800

Candidate Party First ballot[1] Runoff[2]
Votes Percent Votes Percent
Samuel Tenney Federalist 2,921 45.6% 1,818 70.8%
George Upham Federalist 1,377 21.5% 750 29.2%
John Goddard Democratic-Republican 835 13.0%
Joseph Badger Democratic-Republican 699 10.9%
Thomas Cogswell Democratic-Republican 296 4.6%
Joseph Peirce Federalist 278 4.3%

Tenney took his seat on December 8, 1800.

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