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1789: Les Amants de la Bastille is a French stage musical by Dove Attia and François Chouquet, with music written by Rod Janois, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Olivier Schultheis, William Rousseau and Dove Attia. It had its debut on 10 October 2012 at Palais des Sports de Paris. An accompanying double CD album was also successful in the French SNEP charts.

Les Amants de la Bastille
1789-les-amants-de-la-bastille 2425.jpg
MusicRod Janois, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Olivier Schultheis, William Rousseau and Dove Attia
LyricsDove Attia and François Chouquet
Productions2012 Palais des Sports de Paris



In the spring of 1789, France is devastated by famine. The French people begin to rise in unrest against the ruling French king Louis XVI. Ronan, a young peasant, leads a revolt marching to Paris after his father's death (killed by Count Lazare de Peyrolles), where he encounters Olympe, an assistant governess of the children of Marie Antoinette of Austria. The two fall in love during the tumultuous stirrings of the French Revolution, their romance playing out amid encounters with major Revolutionary figures such as Georges Jacques Danton, Maximilien de Robespierre and Camille Desmoulins. After they are separated, Ronan and Olympe find each other again on 14 July 1789 in the course of the assault on the Bastille prison— an encounter that seals their destiny even as a new era begins.


As a pre-launch, the musical was performed on 29 September 2012.

The main role of Ronan had been entrusted initially to Matthieu Carnot. When Carnot suffered from vocal cord problems and had to undergo an operation, his role was given to Louis Delort, a finalist in France's The Voice: la plus belle voix competition.[1] Carnot ended up with a lesser role as Lazare, Count of Peyrol.

Sébastien Agius, the winner of the inaugural season of X Factor in France in 2009, plays the role of Maximilien de Robespierre.[2]


  • Louis Delort - Ronan, peasant revolutionary and lover of Bastille
  • Camille Lou - Olympe, assistant governor to royal kids, lover of Bastille
  • Rod Janois - Camille Desmoulins, lawyer, journalist and politician, "writer of the revolution"
  • Roxane Le Texier / Emmanuelle Bouaziz - Marie Antoinette of Austria, Queen of France
  • Sébastien Agius : Maximilien de Robespierre, lawyer and politician
  • Nathalia - Solène, Ronan's sister
  • Mathieu Carnot - Lazare, count of Peyrol, a royal officer
  • David Ban - Georges Jacques Danton, lawyer and head of the district of the Cordeliers
  • Yamin Dib - Auguste Ramard, known as "Le Mouchard"
  • Charlie Loiselier, Sonia Ben Ammar, Morgane Rouault, Elisa Bergomi and Eva Baranes
  • Philippe Escande - Louis XVI, King of France
  • Tatiana Matre - Yolande de Polignac, Duchess of Polignac and Marquise of Mancini, friend and confidant of Marie Antoinette
  • Guillaume Delvingt - Jacques Necker, General Director of Finance
  • Cyril Romoli - Charles X of France, Count of Artois, brother of Louis XVI
  • Benjamin Akl
  • Mehdi Baki
  • Jonathan Ber
  • Guillaume Arvin Berod
  • Noellie Bordelet
  • Emmanuelle Bouaziz
  • Camilla Brezzi
  • Alessandra Cito
  • Gian Lorenzo De Donno
  • Juliette Delatroche
  • Gian Luca Falvo
  • Mikael Fau
  • Michael Feigenbaum
  • Tamara Fernando
  • Yoan Grosjean
  • Simon Gruszka
  • Yann Hervé
  • Alexandra Jezouin
  • Véronique Lemonnier
  • Olivier Mathieu
  • Corentin Mazo
  • Aurore Mettray
  • Adrien Ouaki
  • Loredana Perrichetti
  • Geoffrey Ploquin
  • Gaëtan Renaudin
  • Arthur Rojo
  • Emmanuelle Seguin Hernandez
  • Jessie Toesca
  • Jimmy Vairon
  • Valentina Valenti
  • Valentin Vossenat


Initial release (2 April 2012)Edit

  1. "Pour la peine" (Rod Janois, Nathalia, Sébastien Agius, Roxane Le Texier, Matthieu Carnot and Camille Lou) - 3:19
  2. "Hey ha" (Sébastien Agius) - 3:01
  3. "Je veux le monde" (Nathalia) - 3:18
  4. "Ça ira mon amour" (Rod Janois) - 3:41
  5. "Le temps s'en va" (Matthieu Carnot and Camille Lou) - 2:52
  6. "Fixe" (Rod Janois) - 3:02
  7. "Je mise tout" (Roxane Le Texier) - 3:10
  8. "La sentence" (Camille Lou) - 3:34
  9. "Maniaque" (Matthieu Carnot) - 2:59
  10. "La rue nous appartient" (Rod Janois and Matthieu Carnot) - 3:52
  11. "A quoi tu danses?" (Sébastien Agius) - 2:36
  12. "La nuit m'appelle" (Nathalia) - 3:15
  13. "Le cri de ma naissance" (Nathalia) - 2:43
  14. "Ça ira mon amour" (acoustic version) - 4:26

Full release (22 October 2012)Edit

CD 1
  1. "Prélude" (instrumental) - 1:24
  2. "Le cri de ma naissance" (Nathalia) - 2:43
  3. "Je mise tout" (Roxane Le Texier) - 3:10
  4. "Au Palais royal / Les prostituées" (David Ban) - 3:27
  5. "La nuit m'appelle" (Nathalia) - 3:15
  6. "Tomber dans ses yeux" (Louis Delort and Camille Lou) - 2:48
  7. "Maniaque" (Matthieu Carnot) - 2:59
  8. "La sentence" (Camille Lou) - 3:34
  9. "Hey ha" (Sébastien Agius) - 3:01
  10. "La guerre pour se plaire / Le Dauphin" (Louis Delort and Camille Lou) - 5:25
  11. "La rue nous appartient" (Rod Janois and Louis Delort) - 3:52
CD 2
  1. "A quoi tu danses?" (Sébastien Agius) -
  2. "Je suis un dieu / Le cauchemar" (Yamin Dib) -
  3. "Je veux le monde" (Nathalia) -
  4. "Ça ira mon amour" (Rod Janois) -
  5. "Nous ne sommes" (Matthieu Carnot) -
  6. "Je vous rends mon âme" (Roxane Le Texier) -
  7. "Sur ma peau" (Louis Delort) -
  8. "La prise de la Bastille" (instrumental) -
  9. "Fixe / Les Droits des l'homme" (Rod Janois) -
  10. "Pour la peine" (Rod Janois, Nathalia, Sébastien Agius, Roxane Le Texier, Matthieu Carnot and Camille Lou) - 3:19
Bonus tracks
  1. "Ça ira mon amour" (acoustic version) - 3:43
  2. "Je veux le monde" (acoustic version) - 2:55
  3. "Pour un nouveau monde" (Sonia Ben Ammar and Charlie Loiselier) - 3:04
  4. "Filles et femmes à la fois" (Nathalia, Camille Lou and Roxane Le Texier) - 3:02
  5. "Allez viens (c'est bientôt la fin)" (Rod Janois, Louis Delort et Sébastien Agius) - 3:00


Year Album Peak positions Certification

2012 1789: Les Amants de la Bastille 6 7 84


"Ça ira mon amour," performed by Rod Janois, became the debut single from the show. A music video was released in October 2011. A collector's edition was made available on 2 January 2012. The follow-up single, "Pour la peine," was sung by the musical's ensemble and was released on 27 February 2012, and its music video was released on 2 March 2012. The music video for a third song, "Je veux le monde", performed by Nathalia, was made available in May 2012, followed by a fourth release, "Tomber dans ses yeux," performed by Louis Delort and Camille Lou.

Year Single Peak positions Album

2012 "Pour la peine" 21 36 1789: Les Amants de la Bastille
"Je veux le monde"
(1789, les amants de la Bastille / Nathalia)
 – 103
"Tomber dans ses yeux"
(1789, Les Amants de la Bastille /
Louis Delort & Camille Lou)
 – 38
2013 "Sur ma peau"
(1789, Les Amants de la Bastille)
 – 193