1780 in science

The year 1780 in science and technology involved some significant events.

List of years in science (table)


  • Clément Joseph Tissot publishes Gymnastique médicinale et chirurgicale, ou, essai sur l'utilité du mouvement, ou des différens exercices du corps, et du repos dans la cure des malades in Paris, the first text on the therapeutic benefits of physical exercise.
  • Lazzaro Spallanzani publishes Dissertationi di fisica animale e vegetale, first interpreting the process of animal digestion as a chemical process in the stomach, by action of gastric juice. He also carries out important researches on animal fertilization.



  • Jean-Paul Marat publishes Recherches physiques sur le feu (Research into the Physics of Fire) and Découvertes de M. Marat sur la lumière (Mr Marat's Discoveries on Light).

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