1750 in Canada

Events from the year 1750 in Canada.

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Years: 1747 1748 1749 1750 1751 1752 1753




  • 1750s: Hudson's Bay Company Saskatchewan River region, reached by trade drummers sent out with goods to tempt the Indians to York.
  • c. 1750: The Ojibwa begin to emerge as a distinct tribal amalgamation of smaller independent bands.
  • German immigrants begin to arrive in numbers at Halifax.
  • Hidatsa villages, site of ancient trading fair, now with both French and Hudson's Bay representatives present each summer.


  • James Glenie, army officer, military engineer, businessman, office holder, and politician (d.1817)
  • Simon McTavish, fur trader and dealer in furs, militia officer, office holder, landowner, seigneur, and businessman (d.1804)