1745 English cricket season

The 1745 English cricket season was the second season following the earliest known codification of the Laws of Cricket.

1745 English cricket season

Recorded matches edit

Details of 22 eleven-a-side matches between significant teams have survived:[1][2]

Single wicket matches edit

A single wicket match between two teams of three took place on 24 June at the Artillery Ground.[3]

Other events edit

On 10 May, the Ipswich Journal reported that: "All lovers of Cricket are hereby desired to meet at Gray's Coffee House (in Norwich) on Friday 17th inst. at 6 pm to settle rules for that manly diversion". The report is the earliest known mention of cricket in the county of Norfolk.[4][5][6]

A ladies match took place on Gosden Common, near Guildford, between "XI Maids of Bramley" and "XI Maids of Hambledon" on 26 July. The players dressed in white but the Hambledon team wore red ribbons on their heads and the Bramley team wore blue ribbons.[3][7] A return match was played on 6 August.[8]

First mentions edit

Counties edit

Clubs and teams edit

Players edit

  • Robert Lascoe[3]
  • Jacob Mann[3]

Venues edit

References edit

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