16th Parliament of Ontario

The 16th Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from June 25, 1923, until October 18, 1926, just prior to the 1926 general election. The majority party was the Ontario Conservative Party led by George Howard Ferguson.

The United Farmers of Ontario party, who had held the balance of power in the preceding assembly, lost most of their seats to Conservatives.

The Liberals led by Wellington Hay were recognized as the Official Opposition following the 1923 election by the governing Conservatives, despite the fact that the United Farmers of Ontario had more seats. According to historian Peter Oliver, this was an arbitrary decision without basis in precedent or law. Conservative Premier G. Howard Ferguson used as justification an announcement by UFO general secretary James J. Morrison that the UFO would be withdrawing from party politics, though Oliver argues that this was facetious logic. UFO parliamentary leader Manning Doherty protested the decision, but to no avail.[1] In the course of the parliament, most UFO MLAs reorganized themselves as the Progressive Party under the leadership of first Manning Doherty and then William Raney, with only Beniah Bowman and Leslie Warner Oke continuing as UFO MLAs.

Joseph Elijah Thompson served as speaker for the assembly.[2]

Members elected to the AssemblyEdit

Listing reflects the UFO/Progressive split in 1924. Italicized names indicate members returned by acclamation.


16th Legislative Assembly of Ontario - Movement in seats held (1923-1926)
Party 1923 Gain/(loss) due to 1926
in office
as MPP
Conservative 75 (1) (2) 1 1 74
United Farmers 17 (15) (1) 1
Progressive 15 (4) 11
Liberal 14 (2) (1) 11
Labour 4 (1) 3
Independent 1 1
Vacant 2 8 10
Total 111 (1) (1) 1 1 111
Changes in seats held (1923–1926)
Seat Before Change
Date Member Party Reason Date Member Party
Lennox August 23, 1923 John Perry Vrooman  Liberal Died in office October 22, 1923 Charles Wesley Hambly  Conservative
Toronto Northwest - A May 15, 1924 Thomas Crawford  Conservative Accepted provincial appointment July 7, 1924 William Henry Edwards  Conservative
Simcoe South April 14, 1925 William Earl Rowe  Conservative Resigned to run in 1925 federal election  Vacant
Kenora April 14, 1925 Peter Heenan  Labour Resigned to run in 1925 federal election  Vacant
Cochrane April 14, 1925 Malcolm Lang  Liberal Resigned to run in 1925 federal election  Vacant
Norfolk North April 14, 1925 George David Sewell  Progressive Resigned to run in 1925 federal election  Vacant
Grey Centre April 14, 1925 Dougall Carmichael  Progressive Resigned to run in 1925 federal election  Vacant
Kent East April 14, 1925 Manning William Doherty  Progressive Resigned seat to promote cooperative movement  Vacant
London August 15, 1925 Adam Beck  Conservative Died in office  Vacant
Middlesex East April 8, 1926 John Willard Freeborn  Progressive Resigned to run in 1926 federal election  Vacant
Manitoulin April 8, 1926 Beniah Bowman  United Farmers Resigned to run in 1926 federal election  Vacant
Kent West October 11, 1926 Robert Livingstone Brackin  Liberal Died in office  Vacant

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