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  • In Denmark, Anders Bording ceases publication of Den Danske Meercurius ("The Danish Mercury"), a monthly newspaper in rhyme, using alexandrine verse, single-handedly published by the author; founded in 1666[1]

Works publishedEdit

  • John Cleveland, Clievelandi Vindiciae; or, Clieveland's Genuine Poems, Orations, Epistles, poetry and prose (see also J. Cleaveland Revived 1659)[2]
  • John Dryden, Apology for Heroic Poetry and Poetic License[3]
  • Urian Oakes, An Elegie Upon the Death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Shepard, English Colonial America[4]
  • John Oldham, Upon the Marriage of the Prince of Orange with the Lady Mary, published anonymously, on the marriage of the future William III and Mary II in November of this year[2]
  • Nahum Tate, Poems (published in an expanded edition in 1684 as Poems Written on Several Occasions)[2]


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