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  • Margaret Cavendish, Lady Newcastle, Poems, and Fancies, prose and poetry[1]
  • An Collins, Divine Songs and Meditacions[1]
  • William Davenant, A Discourse upon Gondibert, an heroick poem, a philosophical preface to his epic poem Gondibert, third edition (officially second edition), with this one including "Certain Verses, written by severall of the author’s friends" (first published 1650 unfinished, then published again in 1651 in its final form, with a preface and commendatory verses; see also The Seventh and Last Canto of the Third Book of Gondibert, 1685)
  • Richard Flecknoe, translator, Miscellania; or, Poems of all Sorts, prose and poetry[1]
  • Henry Lawes, Ayeres and Dialogues[2]
  • Sir Thomas Urquhart, The First Book of the Works of Mr Francis Rabelais, Doctor in Physick, published anonymously; verse translation from the French of François Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel; Second Book also published this year (Third Book, wrongly dated "1693", published in The Works of F. Rabelais MD by Sir Tho. Urchard Kt and Others 1694)[1]
  • George Wither, The Dark Lantern[1]


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