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  • English poet John Milton loses the last of his eyesight during the year; his first wife Mary (née Powell, 1625) dies on May 5.
  • A translation by Saiyid Aidarus of the Arabic religious poem "Hamziya" is the earliest known written example of Swahili literature.[1]

Works publishedEdit

  • Edward Benlowes, Theophila; or, Loves Sacrifice, including some Latin poetry and translations[2]
  • Richard Crashaw, Carmen Deo Nostro, Te Decet Hymnus: Sacred poems, containing poems from Steps to the Temple 1646, and new poetry[2]
  • Sir Richard Fanshawe, Selected Parts of Horace, Prince of Lyricks, published anonymously; Latin and English verse on facing pages[2]
  • John Hall, translator, Of the Height of Eloquence by Longinus (a work now known in English as On the Sublime)[3]
  • John Phillips published a Latin reply to the anonymous attack on John Milton entitled Pro Rege et populo anglicano

Works incorrectly dated this yearEdit

  • Anonymous, A Hermeticall Banquet, published in 1651, according to The Concise Oxford Chronology of English Literature, although the book states "1652"; some attribute the book to James Howell, others to Thomas Vaughan[2]


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