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Soldiers of the Valley Brigade during a surprise exercise

The Israel Defense Forces 162nd Armor Division, also known as the Steel Formation (Hebrew: עֻצְבַּת הַפְּלָדָה, Utzbat HaPlada), is a regular-service armor division in the IDF. It is subordinate to the Southern Regional Command. The division is led by Brigadier-General Moti Baruch.

It played a critical role in the 1973 Yom Kippur War in the Sinai under Abraham Adan.

Although attached to the Central Command at the time, the 162nd Division participated in battles against Hezbollah, from July to August 2006, in the western sector of southern Lebanon and north of Bint Jbail. The division reached the strategic Litani River, that separates Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon from central Lebanon. The division participated in additional skirmishes with Hezbollah as late as September 27.[1]


Structure 162nd Armor Division


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