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161st Street–Yankee Stadium station

161st Street–Yankee Stadium is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the elevated IRT Jerome Avenue Line and the underground IND Concourse Line. Located at the intersection of 161st Street and River Avenue in the Highbridge and Concourse neighborhoods of the Bronx, it is served by the:

  • 4 train at all times
  • D train at all times except rush hours in the peak direction
  • B train during rush hours
 161 Street–Yankee Stadium
 "4" train"B" train"D" train
MTA NYC logo.svg New York City Subway station complex
161 Street entrance vc.jpg
Elevator to station
Station statistics
AddressEast 161st Street & River Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451
BoroughThe Bronx
LocaleHighbridge, Concourse
Coordinates40°49′41″N 73°55′33″W / 40.827937°N 73.925886°W / 40.827937; -73.925886Coordinates: 40°49′41″N 73°55′33″W / 40.827937°N 73.925886°W / 40.827937; -73.925886
DivisionA (IRT), B (IND)
LineIRT Jerome Avenue Line
IND Concourse Line
Services      4 all times (all times)​
      B rush hours until 7:00 p.m. (rush hours until 7:00 p.m.)
      D all except rush hours, peak direction (all except rush hours, peak direction)
Transit connectionsBus transport NYCT Bus: Bx6, Bx6 SBS, Bx13
Railway transportation Metro-North: Hudson Line (at Yankees–East 153rd Street)
Other information
Station code604[1]
AccessibleThis station is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ADA-accessible
Wireless serviceWi-Fi and cellular service is provided at this station[2]
Passengers (2018)8,392,290 (station complex)[3]Decrease 2.4%
Rank38 out of 424

The combined passenger count for 161st Street–Yankee Stadium station in 2017 was 8,596,506, making it the busiest station in the Bronx and 39th overall.[3]

This is one of only two station complexes in the Bronx (the other being 149th Street–Grand Concourse). When the IND portion was built in 1933, paper tickets were used to transfer between the two lines; this method was used until the 1950s, when the indoor escalators were built.[citation needed]

Station layoutEdit

2F Side platform, doors will open on the right  
Northbound local   toward Woodlawn (167th Street)
Peak-direction express No regular service
Southbound local   toward Utica Avenue (New Lots Avenue late nights) (149th Street–Grand Concourse)
Side platform, doors will open on the right  
1F Mezzanine Station agent, MetroCard vending machines
G Street level Entrance/Exit
  Elevator at NE corner of 161st Street and River Avenue
B1 Mezzanine Station agent, MetroCard vending machines
B2 Side platform, doors will open on the right  
Southbound local   toward Brighton Beach rush hours (155th Street)
  toward Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue except AM rush (155th Street)
Peak-direction express   does not stop here (rush hours only in the peak direction) →
Northbound local   toward Bedford Park Boulevard rush hours (167th Street)
  toward Norwood–205th Street except PM rush (167th Street)
Side platform, doors will open on the right  

The station is ADA-accessible, with elevators available to all platforms.[4]

This station is located adjacent to Yankee Stadium, and also provides service to many Bronx County courts, government facilities, and shopping districts which are a short walk to the east. The station is eight blocks away from the MTA's Metro-North Yankees–East 153rd Street station, which also provides service to Yankee Stadium.[5]

The 2002 artwork here is called Wall-Slide by Vito Acconci, which consists of sections of the station walls "sliding" out of place, sometimes out of the station. Wall-Slide forms seating on the IND platforms, and also reveals a mosaic work, Room of Tranquility by Helene Brandt, on the IRT mezzanine.

IRT Jerome Avenue Line platformsEdit

 161 Street–Yankee Stadium
  New York City Subway station (rapid transit)
View of southbound platform and current Yankee Stadium
Station statistics
DivisionA (IRT)
LineIRT Jerome Avenue Line
Services      4   (all times)
Platforms2 side platforms
Tracks3 (2 in regular service)
Other information
OpenedJune 2, 1917 (102 years ago) (1917-06-02)
Station code389[1]
Accessible  ADA-accessible
Wireless service [2]
Station succession
Next north167th Street: 4  
Next south149th Street–Grand Concourse: 4  

Next   northFordham Road: 4  
Next   south125th Street: 4  
Track layout

161st Street–Yankee Stadium is a local station on the IRT Jerome Avenue Line that has three tracks and two side platforms. The station has extra exit stairs to handle stadium crowds at the southern end of each platform, which make the platforms at this station much longer than traditional IRT platforms. These stairs lead to a separate mezzanine and fare control that were built to serve the old Yankee Stadium located across 161st Street, they continue to serve the new Yankee Stadium on events.

The former IRT Ninth Avenue Line connected with the IRT Jerome Avenue Line just north of this station, near 162nd Street.[6] A stub of the Ninth Avenue Line connecting trackway still exists and is visible today.[7][8]


On each side of River Avenue, there are two street stairs to the medians of 161st Street (one to each median). There are also two stairs to the southwest corner and one to the southeast corner. The northeast corner has the ADA-accessible elevator and transfer passageway.[5]

IND Concourse Line platformsEdit

 161 Street–Yankee Stadium
  New York City Subway station (rapid transit)
Northbound platform
Station statistics
DivisionB (IND)
LineIND Concourse Line
Services      B   (rush hours until 7:00 p.m.)
      D   (all except rush hours, peak direction)
Platforms2 side platforms
Other information
OpenedJuly 1, 1933 (86 years ago) (1933-07-01)
Station code219[1]
Accessible  ADA-accessible
Wireless service [2]
Former/other names161st Street–River Avenue
Station succession
Next east167th Street: B  D  
Next west155th Street: B  D  

Next   eastKingsbridge Road: B  D  
Next   west125th Street: B  D  
Track layout
Station identification signage, old and modern

161st Street–Yankee Stadium (161st Street–River Avenue on some signage) is a local station on the IND Concourse Line that has three tracks and two side platforms. It is the southernmost station on the IND Concourse Line within the Bronx.


The full-time mezzanine to the west is at 161st Street and River Avenue with four street staircases. The part-time entrance to the east is at Walton Avenue and has two street staircases and a passageway to 161st Street.[5] Before the renovation, there was a full length mezzanine, with Transit Bureau Offices located to one side. After the renovation, the NYPD area was expanded, and public areas inside fare control were sealed, thus dividing the mezzanine into two separate areas. A few staircases to the platforms were also sealed and removed.


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