1617 in literature

This article contains information about the literary events and publications of 1617.

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  • March 4Shrovetide riot of the London apprentices damages the Cockpit Theatre.[1] Impresario Christopher Beeston rebuilds it, and christens it the Phoenix for its rebirth, perhaps to designs by Inigo Jones.
  • The collected works of John Calvin are published posthumously in Geneva.[2]
  • Martin Opitz founds the Fruitbearing Society (Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft) at Weimar.
  • Alchemisthermeticist Robert Fludd begins the publication of his life's work, the Utriusque Cosmi...Historia, which in future years proliferates through multiple published Volumes, Tractates, Sections, and Portions, only to remain incomplete at the time of Fludd's death two decades later.
  • Two pseudonymous publications in the Joseph Swetnam anti-feminist controversy appear in 1617: Esther Hath Hang'd Haman by "Esther Sowernam", and The Worming of a Mad Dog by "Constantia Munda". Only Rachel Speght publishes her response to Swetnam, A Muzzle for Melastomus, under her own name.

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