14th legislature of the French Fifth Republic

The 14th legislature of the French Fifth Republic (French: XIVe législature de la Cinquième République française) was the French Parliament elected in the 2012 French legislative election.

14th legislature of the French Fifth Republic

XIVe législature de la Cinquième République française
Coat of arms or logo
Founded20 June 2012 (2012-06-20)
Disbanded20 June 2017 (2017-06-20)
Preceded by13th legislature
Succeeded by15th legislature
Seats577 deputies
National Assembly of France 2012.svg
Political groups
  •   SER (284)
  •   LR (199)
  •   UDI (27)
  •   RRDP (18)
  •   GDR (15)
  •   NI (26)
  •   Vacant (8)
Two-round system
Last election
10 and 17 June 2012

Composition of the executiveEdit

Successive Presidents of the RepublicEdit

When the 14th legislature was installed, François Hollande had been President of the Republic for 36 days.

After a tumultuous first term, Hollande decided not to run for a second term. Emmanuel Macron succeeded him on 14 May 2017 following the presidential election of 2017.

Prime Ministers and successive governmentsEdit

François Hollande first reappointed Jean-Marc Ayrault as Prime Minister on June 20, 2012, which composes a single government. Manuel Valls is then named on March 31, 2014, which consists of two governments. Bernard Cazeneuve succeeds him on December 6, 2016 and will remain head of a single government until the election of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic. The last government of the fourteenth legislature is that of Édouard Philippe, which is renewed following the parliamentary elections of June 2017.

Composition of the National AssemblyEdit

155 women were elected or reelected and make up 26.86% of French MPs:

125 women MPs from left-wing parties. 29 women MPs from right-wing parties. 1 women MP from the Front National party.

The oldest member of the National Assembly is François Scellier, from the Radical Party, linked to the larger UMP conservative grouping. He represents the 6th Constituency of Val d'Oise and was 76 years old at the beginning of the current parliamentary term.

The youngest member of the National Assembly is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen from the Front National, the MP for the 3rd Constituency of Vaucluse. She was 22 years old at the beginning of the current parliamentary term and was actually the youngest ever MP elected under the French Fifth Republic.

Changes in compositionEdit

Members of the National Assembly who join the government are required to give up their seats to their substitutes (suppléants) a month after their appointment, as stipulated in the constitution.[1] Should ministers quit the government, they recover their seat in the National Assembly from their substitute a month after their resignation. By-elections are held in the event of the annulation of electoral results or vacancies caused by resignations (in most circumstances not those related to the death of a deputy, in which case the substitute takes the seat if possible), except within the year before legislative elections.[2]


Dates Constituency Incumbent deputy Party Elected deputy Party Reason for by-election
9 Dec and 16 Dec 2012 Val-de-Marne's 1st Henri Plagnol UDI Sylvain Berrios UMP Election invalidated by the Constitutional Council
Hérault's 6th Dolorès Roqué PS Élie Aboud UMP
Hauts-de-Seine's 13th Patrick Devedjian UMP Patrick Devedjian UMP
17 Mar and 24 Mar 2013 Oise's 2nd Jean-François Mancel UMP Jean-François Mancel UMP
Wallis and Futuna's 1st David Vergé DVG Napole Polutélé DVD
25 May and 8 Jun 2013 French residents overseas's 1st Corinne Narassiguin PS Frédéric Lefebvre UMP
26 May and 9 Jun 2013 French residents overseas's 8th Daphna Poznanski-Benhamou PS Meyer Habib UDI
16 Jun and 23 Jun 2013 Lot-et-Garonne's 3rd Jérôme Cahuzac PS Jean-Louis Costes UMP Resignation (Cahuzac affair)
25 May and 1 Jun 2014 Haute-Garonne's 3rd Jean-Luc Moudenc UMP Laurence Arribagé UMP Resignation (Elected Mayor of Toulouse)
14 Jun and 28 Jun 2014 French Polynesia's 1st Édouard Fritch Tahoeraa Maina Sage Tahoeraa Resignation (Elected Mayor of Pirae)
22 Jun and 29 Jun 2014 Nord's 21st Jean-Louis Borloo UDI Laurent Degallaix UDI Resignation (Health problem)
29 Jun 2014 Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon's 1st Annick Girardin PRG Annick Girardin PRG Appointed to government and Resignation of Catherine Pen, her substitute (Health problem)
7 Dec and 14 Dec 2014 Aube's 3rd François Baroin UMP Gérard Menuel UMP Resignation (Elected Senator)
1 Feb and 8 Feb 2015 Doubs's 4th Pierre Moscovici PS Frédéric Barbier PS Resignation (Appointed European Commissioner)
6 Sep and 13 Sep 2015 Aveyron's 3rd Alain Marc UMP Arnaud Viala LR Resignation (Elected Senator)
13 Mar and 20 Mar 2016 Aisne's 2nd Xavier Bertrand LR Julien Dive LR Resignation (Elected President of Hauts-de-France)
Nord's 10th Gérald Darmanin LR Vincent Ledoux LR Resignation (Elected Councillor of Hauts-de-France's Regional council)
Yvelines's 2nd Valérie Pécresse LR Pascal Thévenot LR Resignation (Elected President of Île-de-France)
17 Apr and 24 Apr 2016 Loire-Atlantique's 3rd Jean-Marc Ayrault PS Karine Daniel PS Appointed to government and Death of Jean-Pierre Fougerat, her substitute
22 May and 29 May 2016 Bas-Rhin's 1st Armand Jung PS Éric Elkouby PS Resignation (Health problem)
Alpes-Maritimes's 5th Christian Estrosi LR Marine Brenier LR Resignation (Elected President of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
5 Jun and 12 Jun 2016 Ain's 3rd Étienne Blanc LR Stéphanie Pernod-Beaudon LR Resignation (Elected Vice-President of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

Parliamentary GroupsEdit

Parliamentary Groups of the French National Assembly
Group Number of deputies as of 9 June 2013 + deputies from linked parties Group President
Democratic and Republican Left 15 André Chassaigne
Socialist, Radical, Citizen and Miscellaneous Left 275+17 Bruno Le Roux
Radical, Republican, Democratic, Progressive 16 Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg
Ecologist Group 17 François de Rugy
Union of Democrats and Independents 31 Jean-Louis Borloo
Union for a Popular Majority Group 187+10 Christian Jacob
Deputies not belonging to a group 8 n/a

Chairmen of committees of the National AssemblyEdit

Committee Chairman Groupe
Education and Cultural Affairs Committee Patrick Bloche SRC
Economic Affairs Committee François Brottes SRC
Foreign Affairs Committee Élisabeth Guigou SRC
Social Affairs Committee Catherine Lemorton SRC
National Defence and Armed Forces Committee Patricia Adam SRC
Sustainable Development and Local Government Committee Jean-Paul Chanteguet SRC
Finance, General Economy and Budget Committee Gilles Carrez UMP
Constitutional Law, Legislation and General Administration Committee Jean-Jacques Urvoas SRC


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