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146th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The 146th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, nicknamed Garrard's Tigers, was a Federal regiment mustered on October 10, 1862, and was mustered out on July 16, 1865. The regiment was raised and organized in Rome New york, and was known as the 5th Oneida Regiment. Another nickname for this unit was the Halleck's Infantry, after New York-born general Henry Halleck.



The zouave uniform of the 146th

This regiment at first wore the regular dark blue New York state jacket, light blue trousers, and dark blue forage cap, but when the veterans from 5th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, a famous zouave regiment, were added to the 146th New York, the regiment switched over to the colorful Zouave dress (3 June 1863). Their new dress was not really zouave dress, but actually the colorful dress of the Turcos. Their new uniforms consisted of a sky blue zouave jacket with yellow trimming, a red fez with a yellow tassel, sky blue zouave pantaloons, and a red sash.

Battle HistoryEdit


The 146th New York suffered severe casualties by the end of the war. The regiment was nearly decimated at the battle of the Wilderness (Saunders Field) where many were cut off by the fires of the battle. Out of a number of 1,707 men, their losses were: 7 officers and 126 men killed in action and/or mortally wounded, 2 officers and 187 men who died of sickness and/or other things, and 1 officer and 87 men who died in captivity, many at the Andersonville prison camp.

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