13th Parliament of Lower Canada

The 13th Parliament of Lower Canada was in session from November 20, 1827, to September 2, 1830. Elections to the Legislative Assembly in Lower Canada had been held in July 1827. The legislature was dissolved in 1830 due to the death of King George IV.[1] All sessions were held at Quebec City.

Riding Member
Bedford Jean-Baptiste-René Hertel de Rouville
Buckinghamshire Jean-Baptiste Proulx
Buckinghamshire Louis Bourdages
Cornwallis Joseph Le Vasseur Borgia
Cornwallis Joseph Robitaille
Devon Jean-Baptiste Fortin
Devon Jean-Charles Létourneau
Dorchester Joseph Samson
Dorchester Louis Lagueux
Drummond [2] Frederick George Heriot (1829)
Effingham Joseph-Ovide Turgeon
Effingham André Papineau
Gaspé Robert Christie[3]
Hampshire John Cannon
Hampshire François-Xavier Larue
Hertford François Blanchet[4]
Hertford Nicolas Boissonnault
Huntingdon Jean-Moïse Raymond
Huntingdon Austin Cuvillier
Kent Frédéric-Auguste Quesnel
Kent Denis-Benjamin Viger[5]
Leinster Julien Poirier
Leinster Laurent Leroux
Missisquoi [2] Ralph Taylor (1829)
Missisquoi [2] Richard Van Vliet Freligh (1829)
Montreal County Joseph Valois
Montreal County Joseph Perrault
Montreal East Hugues Heney
Montreal East James Leslie
Montreal West Louis-Joseph Papineau[6]
Montreal West Robert Nelson
Northumberland Étienne-Claude Lagueux
Northumberland Marc-Pascal de Sales Laterrière
Orléans François Quirouet
Quebec County Michel Clouet
Quebec County John Neilson
Quebec (Lower Town) Jean Bélanger[7]
Thomas Lee (1828)
Quebec (Lower Town) Thomas Ainslie Young
Quebec (Upper Town) Andrew Stuart
Quebec (Upper Town) Joseph-Rémi Vallières de Saint-Réal[8]
Jean-François-Joseph Duval (1829)
Richelieu François-Roch de Saint-Ours
Richelieu Jean Dessaulles
Saint-Maurice Charles Caron
Saint-Maurice Pierre Bureau
Shefford [2] Lyman Knowlton (1829)
Sherbrooke [2] Samuel Brooks (1829)
Sherbrooke [2] Benjamin Tremain (1829)
Stanstead [2] Ebenezer Peck (1829)
Stanstead [2] Marcus Child (1829)
Surrey Pierre Amiot
Surrey Louis-Joseph Papineau[6]
François-Xavier Malhiot (1828)
Trois-Rivières Charles Richard Ogden
Trois-Rivières Pierre-Benjamin Dumoulin
Warwick Alexis Mousseau
Warwick Jacques Deligny
William-Henry Wolfred Nelson
York Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre[9]
William Henry Scott (1829)
York Jacques Labrie

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