13th Alberta Legislature

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The 13th Alberta Legislative Assembly lasted from 1955 to 1959. The Social Credit government led by Premier Ernest Manning won a 6th term in office with a reduced majority. The Liberals formed the strongest opposition in a decade and the rest of the opposition was divided between the Conservatives, Co-operative Commonwealth and Independents.

Standings changes since the 13th general electionEdit

Affiliation Members
     Social Credit 37
Liberal 15
  Progressive Conservative 3
     Co-operative Commonwealth 2
  Liberal + Progressive Conservative1 1
     Coalition 1
     Independent Social Credit 1
  1. The candidate in Okotoks-High River was jointly nominated by the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties.
Membership changes in the 13th Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
  June 29, 1955 See List of Members Election day of the 13th Alberta general election
     June 3, 1956 John Clark Stettler Social Credit Committed suicide after murdering seven people[1]
     November 15, 1956 Galen Norris Stettler Social Credit Elected in a by-election
  1957 Arthur Smith Calgary Progressive Conservative Vacated his seat to run in the 1957 federal election.
  October 2, 1957 Ernest Watkins Calgary Progressive Conservative Elected in a by-election
     December 19, 1958 Frederick Niddrie Olds Social Credit Died
     February 9, 1959 Roderick Macleod Olds Social Credit Elected in a by-election


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