137th New York State Legislature

The 137th New York State Legislature, consisting of the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, met from January 7 to May 20, 1914, while Martin H. Glynn was Governor of New York, in Albany.

137th New York State Legislature
136th 138th
The facade of the New York State Capitol building in bright daylight
Legislative bodyNew York State Legislature
JurisdictionNew York, United States
TermJanuary 1 – December 31, 1914
Temporary PresidentRobert F. Wagner (D)
Party controlDemocratic (33-18)
SpeakerThaddeus C. Sweet (R)
Party controlRepublican (81-48-21)
1stJanuary 7 – March 28, 1914
2ndMay 4 – 20, 1914


Under the provisions of the New York Constitution of 1894, re-apportioned in 1906 and 1907, 51 Senators and 150 assemblymen were elected in single-seat districts; senators for a two-year term, assemblymen for a one-year term. The senatorial districts were made up of entire counties, except New York County (twelve districts), Kings County (eight districts), Erie County (three districts) and Monroe County (two districts). The Assembly districts were made up of contiguous area, all within the same county.

At this time there were two major political parties: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The Progressive Party, the Socialist Party, the Independence League and the Prohibition Party also nominated tickets.


The New York state election, 1913, was held on November 4. The only two statewide elective offices up for election were two judgeships on the New York Court of Appeals. Democrat Willard Bartlett was elected Chief Judge, and Republican Frank H. Hiscock was elected an associate judge, which had been cross-endorsed by the Independence League. The approximate party strength at this election, as expressed by the vote for Chief Judge, was: Democrats-Independence League 600,000; Republicans 597,000; Progressives 195,000; Socialists 62,000; and Prohibition 17,000.

Ex-Governor William Sulzer who had been impeached, and removed from office in September 1913, was elected on the Progressive ticket to the Assembly.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the State Capitol in Albany on January 7, 1914; and adjourned on March 28.[1]

Thaddeus C. Sweet (R) was elected Speaker with 81 votes against 48 for Al Smith (D) and 21 for Michael Schaap (P).[2]

John F. Murtaugh (D) was elected Majority Leader of the New York State Senate while Robert F. Wagner (D) continued as president pro tempore of the State Senate and Acting Lieutenant Governor.

On February 25, the Legislature elected Homer D. Call (P) as New York State Treasurer, to fill the vacancy caused by the suicide of John J. Kennedy (D). Call was elected by a combination of Democrats and Progressives with 98 votes against 96 for Republican William Archer.[3]

The Legislature met for a special session at the State Capitol in Albany on May 4, 1914;[4] and adjourned on May 20.[5] This session was called because the Democratic Senate majority and the Republican Assembly majority were at odds over the State's budget, and did not approve the necessary financial appropriations during the regular session.

State SenateEdit



The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.

Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."

District Senator Party Notes
1st Thomas H. O'Keefe* Democrat
2nd Bernard M. Patten* Democrat
3rd Thomas H. Cullen* Democrat Chairman of Cities
4th Henry P. Velte* Democrat
5th William J. Heffernan* Democrat Chairman of Public Printing
6th William B. Carswell* Democrat
7th Daniel J. Carroll* Democrat Chairman of Commerce and Navigation
8th James F. Duhamel* Democrat Chairman of Privileges and Elections
9th Felix J. Sanner* Democrat Chairman of Conservation
10th Herman H. Torborg* Democrat
11th Christopher D. Sullivan* Democrat Chairman of Miscellaneous Corporations
12th John C. Fitzgerald* Democrat
13th James D. McClelland* Democrat Chairman of Taxation and Retrenchment
14th James A. Foley* Democrat Chairman of Railroads
15th John J. Boylan* Democrat
16th Robert F. Wagner* Democrat President pro tempore
17th Walter R. Herrick* Democrat Chairman of Military Affairs
18th Henry W. Pollock* Democrat Chairman of Banks
19th George W. Simpson* Democrat
20th James J. Frawley* Democrat Chairman of Finance
21st John Davidson* Democrat
22nd Anthony J. Griffin* Democrat Chairman of Labor and Industry
23rd George A. Blauvelt* Democrat Chairman of Public Education
24th John F. Healy* Democrat Chairman of Penal Institutions
25th John D. Stivers* Republican
26th James E. Towner* Republican
27th Abraham J. Palmer* Progr./Rep. elected as a Progressive with Republican endorsement, joined
the Republicans after the election of Call as Treasurer
28th Henry M. Sage* Republican
29th John W. McKnight* Democrat Chairman of Printed and Engrossed Bills
30th George H. Whitney* Republican
31st Loren H. White* Democrat Chairman of Internal Affairs
32nd Seth G. Heacock* Republican
33rd James A. Emerson* Republican
34th Herbert P. Coats* Republican
35th Elon R. Brown* Republican Minority Leader
36th William D. Peckham* Democrat
37th Ralph W. Thomas* Republican
38th J. Henry Walters* Republican
39th Clayton L. Wheeler* Democrat Chairman of Affairs of Villages
40th Charles J. Hewitt* Republican
41st John F. Murtaugh* Democrat Majority Leader; Chairman of Judiciary
42nd Thomas B. Wilson* Republican
43rd John Seeley* Democrat Chairman of Public Health
44th Thomas H. Bussey* Republican
45th George F. Argetsinger* Republican
46th William L. Ormrod* Republican
47th George F. Thompson* Republican
48th John F. Malone* Democrat Chairman of Canals
49th Samuel J. Ramsperger* Democrat Chairman of Insurance
50th Gottfried H. Wende* Democrat Chairman of Revision
51st Frank N. Godfrey* Republican


State AssemblyEdit

Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."


District Assemblymen Party Notes
Albany 1st Harold J. Hinman* Republican Majority Leader
2nd John G. Malone* Republican Chairman of Excise
3rd William C. Baxter* Republican Chairman of Social Welfare
Allegany Elmer E. Ferry Republican
Broome Simon P. Quick Republican
Cattaraugus Clare Willard* Democrat
Cayuga Charles H. Springer Republican
Chautauqua 1st A. Morelle Cheney Republican
2nd John Leo Sullivan* Republican Chairman of Internal Affairs
Chemung Wilmot E. Knapp R/Progr./IL/Proh.
Chenango Samuel A. Jones Republican
Clinton Alexander W. Fairbank Republican
Columbia Alexander W. Hover* Democrat
Cortland Niles Freeland Webb* Republican Chairman of Revision
Delaware Edwin A. Mackey Republican
Dutchess 1st Cornelius W. Garrison Progr./Dem.
2nd Mark G. DuBois Republican
Erie 1st William H. Warhus Democrat
2nd Clinton T. Horton* Rep./Progr. Chairman of Insurance
3rd Albert F. Geyer* Dem./Progr.
4th Patrick W. Quigley Republican
5th Richard F. Hearn* Democrat
6th Leo F. Tucholka Democrat
7th William P. Greiner Democrat
8th Wallace Thayer Progr./Dem.
9th Frank B. Thorn Republican Chairman of Codes
Essex Raymond T. Kenyon Republican
Franklin Alexander Macdonald* Republican Chairman of Ways and Means
Fulton and Hamilton James H. Wood* Republican
Genesee Louis H. Wells Republican
Greene George H. Chase Republican
Herkimer Franklin W. Cristman Republican
Jefferson 1st H. Edmund Machold* Republican Chairman of Agriculture
2nd John G. Jones* Republican Chairman of Conservation
Kings 1st R. Hunter McQuistion Rep./I.L.
2nd William J. Gillen* Democrat
3rd Frank J. Taylor* Democrat
4th George Langhorst Rep./I.L. Chairman of Public Printing
5th Charles C. Lockwood Rep./I.L.
6th George H. Ittleman Progr./Rep./I.L.
7th Daniel F. Farrell* Democrat
8th John J. McKeon* Democrat
9th William J. McRoberts Progr./Rep./I.L.
10th Fred M. Ahern Rep./I.L. Chairman of Claims
11th George R. Brennan Republican
12th William T. Simpson Rep./I.L.
13th Herman Kramer Democrat
14th John Peter LaFrenz Progr./Rep./I.L.
15th James J. Phelan Democrat
16th Samuel R. Green Republican
17th Alvah W. Burlingame, Jr. Republican Chairman of Military Affairs
18th Almeth W. Hoff Rep./I.L. Chairman of Cities
19th Henry Scheidemann Progr./Rep.
20th August C. Flamman Republican
21st Henry C. Karpen Progr./Rep./I.L.
22nd Edward R. W. Karutz Republican Chairman of Printed and Engrossed Bills
23rd William F. Mathewson Republican Chairman of Penal Institutions
Lewis Henry L. Grant Republican
Livingston Edward M. Magee* Republican
Madison Morell E. Tallett* Republican Chairman of Public Education
Monroe 1st Horace B. Warner Progressive
2nd Simon Louis Adler* Republican Chairman of Banks
3rd George A. Ritz Democrat
4th Cyrus W. Phillips* Republican Chairman of Judiciary
5th Charles H. Gallup* Democrat
Montgomery Walter A. Gage* Republican Chairman of Affairs of Villages
Nassau LeRoy J. Weed Progr./Dem./I.L.
New York 1st Thomas B. Caughlan* Democrat
2nd Al Smith* Democrat Minority Leader
3rd John B. Golden Democrat
4th Henry S. Schimmel Dem./I.L.
5th Jimmy Walker* Democrat
6th William Sulzer Ind. Progr.
7th Peter P. McElligott* Democrat
8th Solomon Sufrin* Progressive
9th Charles D. Donohue* Democrat
10th Leon Bleecker Progr./Rep.
11th John Kerrigan* Democrat
12th Joseph D. Kelly* Dem./I.L.
13th James C. Campbell* Democrat
14th Robert Lee Tudor* Democrat
15th Abram Ellenbogen Rep./I.L.
16th Martin G. McCue* Democrat
17th Mark Eisner* Dem./Progr.
18th Mark Goldberg* Democrat
19th Andrew F. Murray Progr./I.L.
20th Patrick J. McGrath* Democrat
21st Dean Nelson Rep./I.L. Chairman of Soldiers' Home
22nd Benjamin E. Moore Progr./Rep./I.L.
23rd Sidney C. Crane Rep./I.L. Chairman of Public Institutions
24th Owen M. Kiernan* Democrat
25th Francis R. Stoddard, Jr. Rep./I.L. Chairman of Charitable and Religious Institutions
26th Abraham Greenberg* Dem./I.L. seat contested
Joseph Steinberg Progressive seated on March 27, 1914[6]
27th Schuyler M. Meyer Progr./Rep.
28th George E. Findlater Progr./Rep./I.L.
29th Howard Conkling Rep./I.L. Chairman of Canals; and of Public Lands
30th Edward S. Boylston Rep./Progr./I.L.
31st Michael Schaap* Progr./I.L. Progressive Leader
Bronx 32nd Louis P. Grimler Republican
33rd Thomas John Lane* Democrat
34th Otto Henschel Progr./I.L. contested by Patrick Joseph McMahon (D)
35th Henry D. Patton Progr./Rep./I.L.
Niagara 1st William Bewley Republican
2nd John W. Williams Democrat
Oneida 1st Fred Frank Emden* Democrat
2nd Charles J. Fuess Republican
3rd John Brayton Fuller* Republican Chairman of Commerce and Navigation
Onondaga 1st Edward Arnts Republican
2nd George M. Haight Democrat
3rd Jacob R. Buecheler Republican
Ontario Heber E. Wheeler Republican
Orange 1st James B. Montgomery Republican
2nd Charles J. Boyd Republican
Orleans Coley P. Wright Dem./Progr.
Oswego Thaddeus C. Sweet* Republican elected Speaker; Chairman of Rules
Otsego George L. Bockes Republican
Putnam Hamilton Fish III Progressive
Queens 1st Nicholas Nehrbauer, Jr. Democrat
2nd Peter J. McGarry Dem./I.L.
3rd Conrad Garbe Rep./I.L.
4th James Suydam Eadie Rep./Progr.
Rensselaer 1st Charles Fred Schwarz* Democrat
2nd Tracey D. Taylor* Democrat
Richmond Calvin D. Van Name Democrat
Rockland Beveridge C. Dunlop Progressive
St. Lawrence 1st Frank L. Seaker* Republican Chairman of Railroads
2nd John A. Smith* Republican Chairman of General Laws
Saratoga Gilbert T. Seelye* Republican Chairman of Public Health
Schenectady Arthur Porter Squire* Democrat
Schoharie Edward A. Dox* Democrat
Schuyler Henry S. Howard Republican
Seneca William J. Maier Republican Chairman of Electricity, Gas and Water Supply
Steuben 1st Charles A. Brewster* Democrat
2nd James L. Seely, Jr.* Democrat
Suffolk 1st DeWitt C. Talmage Republican Chairman of Labor and Industry
2nd Henry A. Murphy Republican contested by James W. Eaton
Sullivan George H. Smith Democrat
Tioga Wilson S. Moore Republican
Tompkins John W. Preswick Republican
Ulster 1st Henry R. DeWitt Republican
2nd Abram P. Lefevre Republican
Warren Henry E. H. Brereton* Republican Chairman of Privileges and Elections
Washington Charles O. Pratt Republican
Wayne Riley A. Wilson Republican
Westchester 1st George Blakely Republican
2nd August L. Martin Democrat
3rd Walter W. Law, Jr. Republican
4th Floy D. Hopkins Republican
Wyoming John Knight* Republican
Yates Edward C. Gillett* Republican Chairman of Taxation and Retrenchment


  • Clerk: Fred W. Hammond
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Harry W. Haines
  • Principal Doorkeeper: Fred R. Smith
  • First Assistant Doorkeeper: James B. Hulse
  • Second Assistant Doorkeeper: Michael Kehoe
  • Stenographer: Henry C. Lammert


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