1191 papal election

The 1191 papal election was a papal conclave held from 25 March to 30 March, 1191. The election took place after the death of Pope Clement III. The 85-year-old Cardinal Giacinto Bobone Orsini, who took the name Celestine III, was chosen after five days of voting.

Papal election
Dates and location
30 March 1191
Key officials
ProtodeaconGiacinto Bobone
Elected pope
Giacinto Bobone
Name taken: Celestine III
Pope Celestine III.jpg
1198 →


The election was overseen by Cardinal Konrad von Wittlesbach, who was Archbishop of Mainz at the time.[1] After a sede vacante of 5 days, Cardinal Giacinto Bobone was elected pope. He took the name Clement III. 30 cardinals, of whom 5 were cardinal-bishops, 12 were cardinal-priests, and 13 were cardinal deacons, participated in the election that was held from 25-30 March, 1191.[2] Notable cardinal electors were Konrad von Wittlesbach, Archbishop of Mainz, Guillaume de Champagne, Archbishop of Reims, and Giacnote Bobone, deacon of Santa Maria who was elected Pope.[3]


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