Year 110 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. At the time it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Rufus and Albinus (or, less frequently, year 644 Ab urbe condita) and the First Year of Yuanfeng. The denomination 110 BC for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

Millennium: 1st millennium BC
110 BC in various calendars
Gregorian calendar110 BC
Ab urbe condita644
Ancient Egypt eraXXXIII dynasty, 214
- PharaohPtolemy IX Lathyros, 7
Ancient Greek era167th Olympiad, year 3
Assyrian calendar4641
Balinese saka calendarN/A
Bengali calendar−702
Berber calendar841
Buddhist calendar435
Burmese calendar−747
Byzantine calendar5399–5400
Chinese calendar庚午年 (Metal Horse)
2587 or 2527
    — to —
辛未年 (Metal Goat)
2588 or 2528
Coptic calendar−393 – −392
Discordian calendar1057
Ethiopian calendar−117 – −116
Hebrew calendar3651–3652
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat−53 – −52
 - Shaka SamvatN/A
 - Kali Yuga2991–2992
Holocene calendar9891
Iranian calendar731 BP – 730 BP
Islamic calendar753 BH – 752 BH
Javanese calendarN/A
Julian calendarN/A
Korean calendar2224
Minguo calendar2021 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar−1577
Seleucid era202/203 AG
Thai solar calendar433–434
Tibetan calendar阳金马年
(male Iron-Horse)
17 or −364 or −1136
    — to —
(female Iron-Goat)
18 or −363 or −1135


By placeEdit

Roman RepublicEdit


  • In winter, the Han general Yang Pu retakes Wulin, and a faction of Dongyue nobles kill their king Zou Yushan before surrendering to the Han general Han Yue.
  • Emperor Wu of Han annexes Dongyue and Minyue and relocates their population to the area between the Yangtze and Huai rivers.[1]



  • Sima Tan, Chinese astrologist and historian


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