10th Parliament of Upper Canada

The 10th Parliament of Upper Canada was opened 8 January 1829. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in July 1828. All sessions were held at York, Upper Canada. This parliament was dissolved 8 September 1830 on the announcement of the death of King George IV.

The House of Assembly of the 10th Parliament of Upper Canada had two sessions 8 January 1829 to 6 March 1830:[1]

Both the House and Parliament sat at the old York Court House on King Street.

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 8 January 1829 20 March 1829
2nd 8 January 1830 6 March 1830
Riding Member
Carleton Thomas Mabon Radenhurst
Dundas Peter Shaver
Dundas George Brouse
Durham John David Smith
Durham Charles Fothergill
Essex John Alexander Wilkinson
Essex François Baby
Frontenac Hugh Christopher Thomson
Frontenac Thomas Dalton
Glengarry Alexander Fraser
Glengarry Alexander McMartin
Grenville George Longley
Grenville Rufus C. Henderson
Halton George Rolph
Halton Caleb Hopkins
Hastings Joseph N. Lockwood
Hastings James Hunter Samson
Kent William Bent Berczy
Kingston Donald Bethune
Lanark William Morris
Leeds John Kilborn
Leeds William Buell
Lennox & Addington Marshall Spring Bidwell – Speaker 1829–1830
Lennox & Addington Peter Perry
1st & 2nd Lincoln County William Terry
1st & 2nd Lincoln William Woodruff
3rd Lincoln John Johnston Lefferty
4th Lincoln Robert Randal
Middlesex John Matthews
Middlesex John Rolph
Niagara (town) Robert Dickson
Norfolk Duncan McCall
Norfolk William Warren Baldwin
Northumberland James Lyons
Northumberland Benjamin Ewing
Oxford Thomas Hornor
Oxford Finley Malcolm
Prescott & Russell Donald Macdonell
Prince Edward James Wilson
Prince Edward Paul Peterson
Simcoe John Cawthra
Stormont Archibald McLean
Stormont Ambrose Blacklock
Wentworth George Hamilton
Wentworth John Willson
York (town) John Beverley Robinson[2]
Robert Baldwin
York Jesse Ketchum
York William Lyon Mackenzie

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  2. ^ became Chief Justice for the province in July 1829 and was replaced by Robert Baldwin.

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