10th Golden Rooster Awards

The 10th Golden Rooster Awards honoring the best in film of 1990, was given in Hongshan Gymnasium, Wuchang, Hubei Province, December 10, 1990.[1]

Winners & nomineesEdit

Best Film Best Director
Best Directorial Debut Best Writing
Best Actor Best Actress
  • N/A
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Children Film Best Documentary
  • 豆蔻年华
  • The Private Teaching Company
  • 情系巴山
    • 人类的抉择
Best Animation Best Popular Science Film
  • N/A
    • Tall Lady and Low Hunsband
    • 牛冤
    • 奇异的蒙古马
  • 脑海
    • 紧凑型高产玉米
    • 全息胚——生物科学的新发现
Best Chinese Opera Film

Best Editing

  • N/A
Best Cinematography Best Art Direction
Best Music Best Sound Recording
Best Costume Design Best Make Up
  • N/A
    • Founding Ceremony-Guo Zhen/Liu Huan/Liu Xiaohong
    • The Dream Of Red Mansion-Wang Xizhong/Fan Qingshan/Liu Dan/Du Yongxiu/Xu Guangrui
Best Property


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