10th Canadian Ministry

The Tenth Canadian Ministry was the second cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden. It governed Canada from 12 October 1917 to 10 July 1920, including most of the 13th Canadian Parliament. The government was formed by the Unionists, a war-time coalition between the old Conservative Party of Canada and some members of the Liberal Party of Canada. Borden was also Prime Minister in the Ninth Canadian Ministry, but formed a coalition ministry for the 1917 Canadian federal election.

10th Canadian Ministry
10e conseil des ministres du Canada
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10th ministry of Canada
Date formed12 October 1917
Date dissolved10 July 1920
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge V
Governor GeneralDuke of Devonshire
Prime MinisterRobert Borden
Member partyUnionist Party
Status in legislature
Opposition partyLiberal Party of Canada
Opposition leader
Legislature term(s)13th Canadian Parliament
Predecessor9th Canadian Ministry
Successor11th Canadian Ministry


Offices not of the Cabinet

Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for External Affairs

Parliamentary Secretary of Militia and Defence

Parliamentary Secretary of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment

  • 21 February 1918 – 23 February 1918: Vacant
  • 23 February 1918 – 7 November 1918: Fleming Blanchard McCurdy
  • 7 November 1918 – 10 July 1920: Vacant

Solicitor General of Canada


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