106 Squadron (Israel)

The 106 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, also known as Spearhead Squadron (Hebrew:טייסת חוד החנית), was created on June 13, 1948, for transportation purposes. The aircraft roster originally had various transport aircraft such as the C-46 Commandos, L-049 Constellations and Douglas C-54 Skymaster. It flew under the cover of a fake airliner company called Lineas Aereas de Panama.[1] It first participated in Operation Balak, but was disbanded in June 1949. The Squadron's aircraft were transferred to an airliner company called Arkia Airlines. It was not reformed until June 11, 1982, and fought in the 1982 Lebanon War. Since the Lebanon War, the Squadron was credited with five aerial victories from 1982-1985. The Squadron's F-15s flew combat air patrols during Desert Storm to screen possible air attacks from the Iraqi Air Force. It currently operates F-15B/C/D fighters out of Tel Nof Airbase.

106th Squadron
The Edge of the Spear Squadron.gif
The Spearhead logo
ActiveJune 13, 1948 – June 1949
June 11, 1982–present
Country Israel
Branch Israeli Air Force
RoleAir Defence
Garrison/HQTel Nof Airbase
Motto(s)The Second Eagle Squadron
Aircraft flown

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