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100 Thieves (100T) is an American esports organization founded by former Call of Duty player Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag. The organization is based in Los Angeles, and has teams competing in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite Battle Royale and Apex Legends. In League of Legends, 100 Thieves finished first in the regular season and second overall in the 2018 Spring NA LCS and was one of three teams to represent North America at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship in South Korea.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves logo.png
NicknamesHundred Thieves
Short name100T
GamesLeague of Legends
Call of Duty
Fortnite Battle Royale
Apex Legends
FoundedNovember 20, 2017
LocationLos Angeles, California
Dan Gilbert
Scooter Braun
PartnersRocket Mortgage
Team Razer
Red Bull Esports
WebsiteOfficial website


League of LegendsEdit

2018 SpringEdit

In 2018, 100 Thieves was announced as one of four new organizations to join the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) as a franchise partner, the others being Clutch Gaming, the Golden Guardians and OpTic Gaming.[1] The roster, which consisted of coach pr0lly, top laner Ssumday, jungler Meteos, mid laner Ryu, bot laner Cody Sun and support aphromoo, ended the regular season in 1st place with a 12–6 record. pr0lly was awarded the title of Coach of the Split and aphromoo won the MVP award. 100 Thieve's standing in the regular season gave them a playoff bye which placed them in the semifinals, where they narrowly won against Clutch Gaming 3–2. Moving onto the finals, the team faced Team Liquid, who they lost to 0–3.

2018 SummerEdit

100 Thieves maintained their original roster for the 2018 LCS Summer Split, but traded Meteos to FlyQuest Academy for rookie jungler AnDa after Meteos asked the management of 100 Thieves to look for other options for him. 100 Thieves ended the regular season in 3rd place with a 10–8 record. In the quarterfinals, the team defeated FlyQuest 3–0, going on to face Team Liquid in the semifinals. Cody Sun was subbed out in favour of academy bot laner Rikara, but 100 Thieves was unable to defeat Team Liquid and lost 1–3. In their 3rd place match against Team SoloMid, Cody Sun was subbed back in after the first game, but 100 Thieves ultimately lost 2–3 in a close series. 100 Thieves was still able to qualify for the 2018 World Championship off of Championship Points, and were placed in Group D along with European team Fnatic, Chinese team Invictus Gaming and Taiwanese team G-Rex. 100 Thieves won against G-Rex twice and lost against Fnatic and Invictus Gaming twice, placing 3rd in Group D and 9th–12th in the event overrall.

2019 SpringEdit

For the 2019 LCS Spring Split, mid laner huhi replaced Ryu, who became an assistant coach, and bot laner Bang was acquired from SK Telecom T1. The team was 3–7 mid-season, and in Week 7 huhi was subbed out for academy mid laner Soligo. During the last week of the regular season, 100 Thieves' academy team (excluding their bot laner) was given a chance to play in the LCS, but ended the week 0–2. 100 Thieves finished last in the regular season with a 4–14 record.


Apex LegendsEdit

Nat. ID Name Role Join date
  Gigz Connor White Player February 25, 2019
  Teenage Justin Phipps Player February 26, 2019
  lifted Isiaih Slowik Player February 27, 2019
  JP2 Justin Pate Player April 8, 2019

Call of DutyEdit

Nat. ID Name Role Join date
  Kenny Kenny Williams Flex August 28, 2018[2]
  Octane Sam Larew AR Slayer August 31, 2019[3]
  SlasheR Austin Liddicoat AR Slayer September 26, 2018[4]
  Enable Ian Wyatt SMG Support September 26, 2018[4]
  Priestahh (Loan) Preston Greiner SMG Slayer January 28, 2019[5]
  Crowder (Loan) James Crowder Coach/Substitute Player[6] January 28, 2019[7]

Fortnite Battle RoyaleEdit

Nat. ID Name Role Join date
  Kenith Ken Player June 9, 2018[8]
  SirDimetrious Sawyer Player July 3, 2018[9]
  Ceice Davis McClellan Player February 21, 2019[10]
  Elevate Hayden Krueger Player February 21, 2019[10]
  Kyzui - Player February 22, 2019[11]
  Blind Maurilio Gramajo Player February 24, 2019

League of LegendsEdit

Team Nat. ID Name Role Join date
100 Thieves (LCS)   Ssumday Kim Chan-ho Top Laner November 22, 2017[12]
  AnDa Andy Hoang Jungler July 2, 2018[13]
  Bang Bae Jun-sik Bot Laner November 22, 2018[14]
  aphromoo Zaqueri Black Support December 4, 2017[15]
  pr0lly Neil Hammad Head Coach November 20, 2017[16]
  Ryu Yoo Sang-wook Assistant Coach[a] November 22, 2017[12]
100 Thieves Academy   FakeGod Aaron Lee Top Laner December 14, 2018[17]
  Fragas Kristopher Myhal Jungler December 14, 2018[17]
  Soligo Max Soong Mid Laner December 14, 2018[17]
  Prismal Jacob Feinstein Bot Laner December 14, 2018[17]
  Stunt William Chen Support December 13, 2018[18]
  Kelsey Kelsey Moser Head Coach December 12, 2018[19]
  1. ^ On November 21 2018, Ryu was replaced by huhi and was moved to assistant coach.

Content creatorsEdit

Nat. ID Name Join date
  Nadeshot Matthew Haag April 18, 2016[20]
  Nickmercs Nick Kolcheff May 2, 2016[21]
  NoahJ456 Noah Johnson June 25, 2018[22]
  Valkyrae Rachel Hofstetter October 22, 2018[23]


On January 19, 2018, 100 Thieves announced their first partnership with housing and mortgaging company Rocket Mortgage.[24]

On April 30, 2018, 100 Thieves announced their peripheral partnership with tech company Razer.[25]

On June 28, 2018, 100 Thieves announced their streetwear clothing partner with clothing re-seller site, StockX.[26]

On November 29, 2018, 100 Thieves announced their partnership with energy drink company Red Bull.[27]

On February 18, 2019, 100 Thieves' Call of Duty team announced their partnership with pizza brand Totino's.[28]

On April 12, 2019, 100 Thieves' Fortnite team announced their partnership with pizza brand Totino's to bring them a Fortnite World Cup house.[29]


In November 2017 100 Thieves received a multimillion-dollar investment from Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert allowing the company to expand into a full-fledged esports organization.

On October 23 2018, 100 Thieves announced that they finished their Series A funding round co-led by Scooter Braun and Drake, who both become co-owners. Included in this round was Sequoia Capital, Ludlow Ventures, Courtside Ventures, WndrCo, Marc Benioff, Drew Houston, Green Bay Ventures, Tao Capital and Advancit Capital.


Nat. ID Name Role
  Nadeshot Matthew Haag Owner / Founder / CEO
  Dan Daniel Gilbert Owner
  Drake Aubrey Drake Graham Owner
  Scooter Braun Scott Samuel Braun Owner
  John John Robinson President / COO
  Jackson Jackson Dahl Director of Business Development
  Ibrahim Ibrahim Eljeilat Business Development
  Julia Julia Wu Marketing Manager
  Jason Jason Ton VP of Finance & Operations
  Muddawg Eric Sanders Head of Esports Operations
  Matty Matty Lee VP of Partnerships
  Anna Molly Anna Hongo Marketing Coordinator
  Chad Chad Steiner Accountant Director
  Katherine Katherine Chan Accountant
Production / Graphics Team
  Gabriel Gabriel Ruiz Director of Production
  Snipetality Logan Dodson Director of Post-Production
  Mike Mike Aransky Executive Producer
  Thundörfist Marc Urbino Videographer
  Ricky Ricky Production Coordinator
  Shawn Shawn Thomas Videographer
  Alpaca Alex Graphics Designer
  Seso Greg Graphics Designer
Esports Team Management
  Joseph Joseph Jang Strategic Coordinator & Head Analyst (LOL)
  Sabrina Sabrina Wong Team Manager (LOL)


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