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.in is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for India.

. in
Introduced 1989 (Fully Operational Since 1990)
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry INRegistry
Sponsor National Internet Exchange of India, Indian Network Information Center
Intended use Entities connected with  India
Actual use Very Popular in India; Recently, this domain Was not very popular as Indians preferred generic TLDs such as .com; liberalizations of registration rules in 2005 led to a great increase in registrations, including overseas registrations.
Registered domains 945,699 (June 25, 2017)[citation needed]
Registration restrictions No restrictions on who can register second-level domains or most third-level domains; Varying Specific restrictions under some of those specialized subdomains
Structure May register at second level or at third level beneath generic-category 2nd level domains
Documents Policies
Dispute policies .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP)
Logo for .भारत, launched on 27 Aug 2014
Introduced 2015
TLD type Internationalized country code top-level domain
Status Active
TLD type Internationalized country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registration restrictions No restrictions on who can register second-level domains or most third-level domains; restrictions under some specialized subdomains; should comply with certain Tamil phonological rules. [1]

The domain is operated by INRegistry under the authority of NIXI, the National Internet Exchange of India. INRegistry was appointed by the government of India.[citation needed]

As of 2009, This .in Website Domain Registrations is part of Network information Center - India.[citation needed]




Registering .in Website DomainsEdit

Second-Level DomainsEdit

As of 2005, liberalized policies for the .in domain allow unlimited second-level registrations under .in. Unlimited registrations under the previously structured existing zones are also allowed:

Six (or another nine) other zones are reserved for use by qualified institutions in India:

  • (Academic institutions)
  • (Educational institutions)
  • (Indian research institutes)
  • (Older, for both educational and research institutes)
  • (Indian government)
  • (Indian military organizations)[citation needed]
  • (Elementary and Secondary or High Schools)[citation needed]
  • (Indian Offices)[citation needed]
  • (Tourism)[citation needed]

Before the introduction of liberalized registration policies for the .in domain, only 7000 names had been registered between 1992 and 2004. As of March 2010, the number had increased to over 610,000 domain names, with 60% of registrations coming from India, and the rest from overseas.[2] By October 2011, the number had surpassed 1 million domain names.[3] As of March 2016 the number has more than doubled to over 2 million domain names. [4]

The domain is reserved for India's National Informatics Center, but in practice most Indian government agencies have domains ending in

Internationalized domain names and country codesEdit

India plans to introduce internationalized domain names, that is domain names in 22 local languages used in India. These internationalized domain names will be used together with fifteen new top domains for India.

These top domains are:

  • .भारत (Devanagari), became available with the following zones:[5]
Devanagari string Transliterated string
भारत .bharat
कंपनी.भारत company.bharat
विद्या.भारत vidya.bharat
सरकार.भारत sarkar.bharat
  • .இந்தியா (Tamil), available as of 2015.[6]

The rest are yet not available (as of October 2016):

In 2016 an application for eight further domains were accepted. They are not yet available (as of October 2016):[7]


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