.600/577 Rewa

The .600/577 Rewa, also known as the .600/577 Rewa Nitro Express, Holland's .600/577 and the .577 Rewa, is an obsolete big bore rifle cartridge.

.600/577 Rewa
Place of originEngland
Production history
DesignerHolland & Holland
Parent case.600 Nitro Express
Case typeRimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter.584 in (14.8 mm)
Neck diameter.613 in (15.6 mm)
Shoulder diameter.646 in (16.4 mm)
Base diameter.697 in (17.7 mm)
Rim diameter.805 in (20.4 mm)
Case length3 in (76 mm)
Overall length3.83 in (97 mm)
Ballistic performance
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
750 gr (49 g) UNK UNK
The Spanish Association of Cartridge Collectors[1] &
Czech Moravian Society of Collectors of Cartridges[2]


The .600/577 Rewa was developed and introduced by Holland & Holland in 1929 by a special order for Martand Singh, Maharaja of Rewa.[1][2][3]

The .600/577 Rewa is a rimmed, bottlenecked centerfire rifle cartridge. The .600/577 Rewa is derived from the .600 Nitro Express necked down to accept the .582 in (14.8 mm) calibre bullet of the .577 Nitro Express. The .600/577 Rewa fires a 750 gr (49 g) bullet driven by 110 gr (7.1 g) of cordite.[1][2][3]

Always rare, the .600/577 Rewa was produced by Holland & Holland until 1957, although it can still be purchased from Kynoch.[2][4]

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