.22 CHeetah

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The .22 CHeetah (both C and H are upper-case,[1] referring to Carmichel / Huntington[2]) is a .22 wildcat cartridge developed in the 1970s or 1980s by Jim Carmichel and Fred Huntington.[3]

.22 CHeetah
Place of originUnited States
Production history
DesignerJim Carmichel and Fred Huntington
Parent case308 BR
Case typeRimless, bottleneck
Bullet diameter.22 in (5.6 mm)
Primer typeSmall Rifle
Ballistic performance
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
50 gr (3 g) 4,300 ft/s (1,300 m/s) 2,018 ft⋅lbf (2,736 J)

The .22 CHeetah is essentially a Remington 308 BR, modified to fit the 22 caliber.[4] Two custom gunmakers, Shilen Rifle Company and Wichita Engineering, are now making rifles specifically for the cartridge.[5] The cartridge's 50-grain .22-caliber bullets have a muzzle speed upward of 4,300 ft/s (4,250 according to some[6]), and the cartridge is known for its long-range accuracy and velocity.[2] Its high intensity is notoriously hard on barrels, which require constant cleaning.[6][7]


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