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Ḥ-R-M (ح ر م) is the triconsonantal root of many Semitic words, and many of those words are used as names. The basic meaning expressed by the root translates as "forbidden". In Modern Hebrew, it is expressed as ח–ר–מ. In Arabic language, it is expressed as ح-ر-م.



Hebrew and Aramaic conceptsEdit

  • Ḥerem or Cherem, pl. Ḥaramot (Hebrew) — "ban", a term with several applications
  • Haḥrama (Hebrew) — Confiscation (civil law)

Arabic conceptsEdit

  • Mahram — "forbidden" — "unmarriageable (kinsman)"; also "no need to cover" (see sartorial hijab) or an unforbidden person within the family
  • IhramHajj cloth, and the state of ritual consecration
  • Harem — "forbidden place" — women's area in a house, forbidden for non-Mahram men
  • Halal and Haraam foods
  • Ḥarām — ritually impure
  • Ḥaram — sanctuary