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Expert or Ekspert magazine (Russian: Журнал "Эксперт") is a Russian weekly business magazine, established in 1995 in Moscow by a group of editors and journalists who departed from Kommersant publishing house. It covers economics and finance, Russian business, international business, politics, science and technology, culture and arts. It also features a books and market indicators sections. Currently it is part of Expert Group, a media, conference and research business based in Moscow. Besides Expert, it also includes Russkiy Reporter (a current affairs weekly) and Expert TV, a business-oriented TV channel.

Expert Magazine Cover.jpg
March 3, 2008 edition of Expert. Text reads: "What is HE going to do?"
EditorValery Fadeyev
Year founded1995
CompanyExpert Group
Based inMoscow

Key factsEdit

  • Languages: Russian, English (web-only; English website has not been updated since late 2008).
  • Pages: 80–160.
  • Circulation: 90,000 copies (certain issues, containing special reports, up to 150,000 copies)
  • Readership: ca. 350,000.
  • Ownership: group of editors (majority stake), Oleg Deripaska (minority stake), Globex bank (minority stake).
  • Editor: Valery Fadeyev (ru).

Specialised and regional publicationsEdit

  • Expert Severo-Zapad, covering Northwestern region, headquarters in St. Petersburg - since 1999
  • Expert Ural, covering Urals region, headquarters in Yekaterinburg - since 2000
  • Expert Sibir’, covering Siberia and the Far East, headquarters in Novosibirsk - since 2003
  • Expert Kazakhstan, covering independent country of Kazakhstan, headquarters in Almaty - since 2003
  • Expert Volga, covering Volga valley region, headquarters in Samara - since 2005
  • D` (personal finance magazine) - since 2006
  • Expert Yug, covering South of Russia, headquarters in Rostov-on-Don - since 2007
  • Russkiy Reporter (Russian Reporter general news weekly) - since 2007
  • Expert Tatarstan, covering Russian republic Tatarstan, headquarters in Kazan - since 2014

Person of the YearEdit

Since 2002 Expert nominates a Person of the Year (Expert magazine) - one or several individuals who significantly influenced economic, business, political or societal development in Russia. 'Person of the Year' is nominated in the final issue each year (#48 or #49, always end of December). Since the first announcement all 'Persons of the Year' were nationals of the Russian Federation. The nomination is similar to Person of the Year by the US Time magazine; the cover of the magazine always features 'Person of the Year'.

Year Choice Age Notes
2002 Alexander Khloponin 37 First person chosen, Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai (since 2002), former chairman of the board of Norilsk Nickel. Chosen for transition from business to the government, seen to set example for the new Russian elite
2003 Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Khodorkovsky 37 and 40 Key shareholders of (correspondingly) Sibneft and Yukos oil companies. Both men were hailed for adopting best corporate governance policies to run their companies efficiently and profitably.
2004 Mikhail Fradkov 54 Russian Prime Minister in 2004–2007 for achieving sustained economic growth
2005 Dmitry Medvedev and Alexei Miller 40 and 43 Correspondingly Gazprom's chairman of the board (since 2002) and CEO (since 2001) for turning Gazprom into one of the biggest energy companies in the world
2006 Sergey Lavrov 56 Russian Foreign Minister (since 2004) for delivering foreign policy achievements for Russia
2007 Vladimir Putin 55 Russian President 2000–2008 for his achievements during the period in power
2008 Sergei Ignatyev 60 Chairman of Central Bank of Russia (since 2002) for his actions during the financial crisis of 2007–2009
2009 Yunus-bek Yevkurov 46 President of Ingushetia (since 2008) for his effort to keep peace in North Caucasus region of Russia
2010 New Russian citizen
2011 Mikhail Prokhorov 46 Russian billionaire, independent candidate for 2012 presidential elections and former leader of Russian pro-business political party Right Cause. Hailed for being the first Russian businessman decided to deal in politics since 2003.

Business modelEdit

According to general director Valery Fadeyev, Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska has offered to set up a media holding named after the magazine "when Expert has grown to the need of developing a business".[1]


  1. ^ An interview with the general director Valery Fadeyev, by Vladimir Perekryost, Izvestia, 7 November 2006 (in Russian)

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