Șoseaua Kiseleff

Şoseaua Kiseleff
Șoseaua Kiseleff,
seen from Arcul de Triumf.

Șoseaua Kiseleff (Kiseleff Road) is a major road in Bucharest, Romania. The boulevard runs as a northward continuation of Calea Victoriei.


The road was created in 1832 by Pavel Kiselyov, the commander of the Russian occupation troops in Wallachia and Moldavia. The name was converted from Kiselyov to Kiseleff, using the French transliteration of Russian names at the time.

The area was not affected by the Ceaușima systematization plans and demolitions of Nicolae Ceaușescu, and has many pre-World War II residences.


Victory Square (Piaţa Victoriei) and Casa Presei Libere (Piaţa Presei Libere) stand at its two extreme points. The street has numerous museums, parks (Kiseleff Park and Herăstrău Park), grand residences, and the Arcul de Triumf along it between those end points.

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Notable buildings on Șoseaua Kiseleff include:


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Coordinates: 44°28′20.27″N 26°4′31.63″E / 44.4722972°N 26.0754528°E / 44.4722972; 26.0754528