Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore

Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore (ŽPCG) (Cyrillic: Жељезнички превоз Црне Горе; English: Railway transport of Montenegro) is a joint-stock company that handles passenger transport within Montenegro, as well as operation of the Montenegrin rolling stock.

Railway transport of Montenegro
Жељезнички превоз Црне Горе
IndustryRail Transport
ServicesRail Transport, Services
Former JŽ class 461 passing through Virpazar on the Belgrade-Bar line.
New CAF Civity next to passenger train hauled by older former JŽ class 461.

Rolling stockEdit

Rolling stock of Railway transport of Montenegro consists of 39 locomotives and 5 EMUs:


 Class   Image   Type   Top speed   Number   Built   Builder   Notes
 mph   km/h 
JŽ 461   Electric 75 120 10 1971-1980 Electroputere Built for originally.
JŽ 661   Diesel 77 124 7 1958 - 1972 EMD Built for originally. 2 active, 2 are awaiting the general overhaul.
Diesel locomotives

Multiple unitsEdit

 Class   Image   Type   Top speed   Number   Built   Builder   Notes
 mph   km/h 
JŽ 412/416   EMU 75 120 6 1980-1990 RVR 4 carriages. Built for originally.
Civity 6111   EMU 75 120 3 2013 CAF 3 carriages. Built for Podgorica-Nikšić-railway to cut travel times to 50 minutes. Train length 59,2 meters. Capacity 354 passengers.[1][2]

Passenger carsEdit

Railway transport of Montenegro also has following inventory of passenger cars:

  • 31 passenger coaches (classes A, AB and B)
  • 1 buffet car (class WR)
  • 32 sleeping and couchette cars (classes AcBc, Ac, Bc and WLAB)
  • 10 car-carrier wagons (class DDam)

Freight carsEdit

Freight cars in inventory are as follows:

  • 226 wagons (class G)
  • 15 wagons (class K)
  • 62 wagons (class R)
  • 7 wagons (class S)
  • 415 wagons (class E)
  • 29 wagons (class F)
  • 34 wagons (class Z)
  • 33 wagons (class U)
  • 3 wagons (class H)

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