Štrand (Serbian Cyrillic: Штранд) is a popular beach on the Danube river in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. It is located near the Liberty Bridge, in the city quarter known as Liman.

Strand Novi Sad.jpg
Štrand - Beach on the Danube River
Map showing the location of Štrand Штранд
Map showing the location of Štrand Штранд
LocationNovi Sad, Serbia
Coordinates45°14′10″N 19°50′53″E / 45.23611°N 19.84806°E / 45.23611; 19.84806Coordinates: 45°14′10″N 19°50′53″E / 45.23611°N 19.84806°E / 45.23611; 19.84806


Štrand was built back in 1911, as a beach for local people; later it was expanded several times.[1] Its name derives from the German word Strand, meaning simply beach (In German, an initial s is usually pronounced as sh when it comes before a consonant, as in the Yiddish-English shtick, thus, the Serbian š correctly bears a diacritic reflecting this).

During the summer, Štrand has around 20,000 visitors daily.[1]

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