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Şaban Erden who was born in Kırklareli in 1949, is the Deputy Secretary General of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Şaban Erden
Saban erden2.jpg
Deputy Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
In office
1994 – Incumbent
Personal details
Kırklareli, Turkey
ResidenceMerter, Istanbul

After the high school education at Kabataş Erkek Lisesi (Kabataş Erkek Lisesi), he graduated from the Civil Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) in 1972 with a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He worked at the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement at Bandırma District Directorate as a Control Engineer during the construction of Bandirma Harbour. He completed his military service in 1974 and 1975. Afterwards, he worked for Azot Sanayii A.Ş., TÜGSAŞ A.Ş., Türkiye Milk Industry Company (SEK) and for the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ). On 5.5.1994, while he was working at Gebze Institute of Technology as the Construction Works and Technical Department Director, he was assigned to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as the Director of the Department of Construction. Erden then became the Director at the Department of Projects in April 2001, and was appointed as Deputy Secretary General responsible from development activities in June 2002. Later, in February 2007, he was assigned as the Deputy Secretary General responsible for projects. Mr.Erden has three sons: İbrahim, Fatih and Salih. He speaks Turkish, Bosnian and French. He is a member of the board of trustees at International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

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