Ŕ (minuscule: ŕ) is a letter of the Slovak and Lower Sorbian alphabets. It is formed from R with the addition of an acute. Their Unicode codepoints are U+0154 Ŕ LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R WITH ACUTE (HTML Ŕ · Ŕ) and U+0155 ŕ LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH ACUTE (HTML ŕ · ŕ). The PostScript names are Racute and racute.


It is used in Slovak to represent the geminate syllabic r, IPA: [ r̩ː ].

Lower SorbianEdit

It is used in Lower Sorbian to represent the palatalised r, IPA: [ rʲ ].


In Sabino Arana's orthography[1] of the Basque language, ŕ was used for the trill consonant. However, in the standard Basque alphabet, r is used in syllable-final positions and rr between vowels.

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