Łódź Żabieniec railway station

Łódź Żabieniec (Polish pronunciation: [ʐabiɛniɛt͡s]) is a railway station in Łódź, Poland, located in Bałuty [pl] district. It serves regional passenger traffic from Łódź Kaliska station to Zgierz, Łowicz, Kutno and Toruń.

Łódź Żabieniec
Lodz Zabieniec ext.jpg
Łódź Żabieniec station in 2006
General information
LocationŁódź, Poland
Owned byPolish State Railways
Preceding station PKP Following station
Zgierz IC Łódź Kaliska
Łódź Kaliska
towards Katowice
TLK Zgierz
Preceding station Polregio Following station
Łódź Radogoszcz Zachód PR Łódź Kaliska
Preceding station Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna Logo.png ŁKA Following station
Łódź Kaliska Łódź - Toruń Łódź Radogoszcz Zachód
towards Toruń
Łódź - Łowicz Łódź Radogoszcz Zachód
Łódź Kaliska Łódź Widzew - Łódź Kaliska - Zgierz Łódź Radogoszcz Zachód
towards Zgierz


Initially, in 1910, the site of station served as guard post, securing a single-level crossing between the Warsaw-Kalisz Railway and a tram line between Łódź and Aleksandrów.

The first building at the station was erected in 1951. Five years later a viaduct for Aleksandrowska street and tram tracks were constructed south to the station.

In 1972 the passenger section of the station, consisting of two single-edged platforms and an underground passage between them and the neighbouring streets, was opened south to the viaduct, leaving the already existing part of station for cargo service.[1]

Current stateEdit

The station's building was repurposed after 2010, due to closure of cash office. It has been adapted to serve as a restaurant.

The underground passage is notorious for being flooded during heavy rains. Refurbishment of the passage and reconstruction of the platforms began in 2019.[2]

The station is a crucial point for cargo transportation, as it serves branch lines to the production plants located in Teofilów [pl], as well as EC-3 power plant.[3]

Train servicesEdit

The station is served by the following services:

  • Intercity services (IC) Łódź Fabryczna — Bydgoszcz — Gdynia Główna[4]
  • Intercity services (IC) Gdynia - Gdańsk - Bydgoszcz - Toruń - Kutno - Łódź - Częstochowa - Katowice - Bielsko-Biała[5]
  • Intercity services (TLK) Gdynia Główna — Bydgoszcz/Grudziądz — Łódź — Katowice[6][7]


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Coordinates: 51°47′37″N 19°24′25.6″E / 51.79361°N 19.407111°E / 51.79361; 19.407111