İsmail Selen

İsmail Selen (1931, Bolu - 23 May 1991, Ankara) was a retired general in the Turkish Gendarmerie. He was assassinated in 1991. DHKP/C member Necmi Suma was sentenced to 12 years for his murder.[1] In 2011 Col. Arif Doğan claimed that the Turkish Gendarmerie's Cem Ersever had ordered Selen's assassination.[2]

Selen graduated from the Turkish Military Academy in 1954 and the Turkish Military College in 1970. He was promoted to Brigadier-General in 1980 and to Major-General in 1984, becoming Chief of Staff of the Gendarmerie General Command in 1985. He retired at his own request on 15 July 1989.[3]