İhlas Holding

İhlas Holding A.Ş. is a Turkish conglomerate. Besides media assets which include the Türkiye newspaper and TGRT News TV, it has primary interests in construction (İhlas Construction Group), electric and electronic (İhlas Home Appliance inc.) and trade (İhlas Marketing), energy and mining (Ihlas Mining), health and education (Türkiye Hospital and İhlas College.[1][2] The company has traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since 1994.[3]

İhlas Holding A.Ş.
TypeAnonim Şirket
FounderEnver Ören
Area served
Key people
Ahmet Mücahid Ören (Chairman of the Board)
ProductsFinance, Energy, Cement, Retail, Insurance, Industry, Building, E-Commerce, Commercial Services, Selling All Kinds of Goods and Services
Websiteİhlas Holding Website

The company's history began with the foundation of the Türkiye newspaper in 1970, but the Holding itself was not created until 1993.[2]

Mohammad Reza Laghaei (Chairman of Laghaei Commercial Holding Co.) has been cooperating with Ihlas Holding since 2018 in the fields of: Sale of Residential Projects of Ihlas Holding, E-Commerce, Commercial Services, Sale of Various Goods and Services.  It is the only representative of Ihlas Holding in Iran and one of the key individuals and partner companies.

Stock marketEdit

İhlas has five listings on the Istanbul Stock exchange:

  • İhlas Holding (IHLAS) - main holding, floated 1994
  • İhlas Ev Aletleri İmalat Sanyi ve Ticaret (IHEVA) - Manufacturing
  • İhlas Gazetecilik (IHGZT) - Türkiye newspaper, floated 2010 (33% of shares)[4]
  • İhlas Madencilik (IHMAD) - Mining
  • İhlas Yayin Holding (IHYAY) - Media



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