Čertovy hlavy

The Čertovy hlavy (English: The Devil's Heads) are a pair of 9 metre high rock sculptures near Želízy in the Central Bohemian Region of Czech Republic, created by Václav Levý in 1841-1846.[1] The locations has been called the "creepiest place in the Czech Republic" by several visitors.[2] In terms of dimensions, it is a unique work in the Czech Republic. They are the second largest carved heads in the world, after the carvings of Mount Rushmore in the United States.[3]

The Devil's Heads

The sculptures have been damaged by time and weather.[4] In 2011, the private owner had the surrounding pine forest cut down, allowing the heads to be seen from the I/9 road.[5] The Devil's Heads are freely accessible along the blue tourist trail from the municipal office in Želízy. The trail also leads to the Klácelka cave system, which contains reliefs of prominent personalities and heroes in Czech history. 2.5 km northwest of Želízy, two further reliefs can be found, known as the Harpist and Snake reliefs. The sculptures are all carved in sandstone.


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Coordinates: 50°25′13.35″N 14°27′52.56″E / 50.4203750°N 14.4646000°E / 50.4203750; 14.4646000