Østre Agder

Østre Agder is a district or region in Agder county in southern Norway. The district covers the eastern, coastal areas of the county including the eight municipalities of Arendal, Tvedestrand, Risør, Grimstad, Gjerstad, Vegårshei, Åmli, and Froland. The city of Arendal is the largest city in the region. Other cities in the district include Tvedestrand, Grimstad, and Risør.[1] This region is bounded by Telemark county to the north, by the Setesdal region to the northwest, and by the Kristiansand Region to the southwest.

Østre Agder Region
Østre Agder regionen
Østre Agder Region in teal, in the map of Agder.
Østre Agder Region in teal, in the map of Agder.
Coordinates: 58°48′N 8°48′E / 58.8°N 8.8°E / 58.8; 8.8Coordinates: 58°48′N 8°48′E / 58.8°N 8.8°E / 58.8; 8.8
County (fylke)Agder
 • Total3,435 km2 (1,326 sq mi)
 • Total92,439
 • Density27/km2 (70/sq mi)

Østre Agder has about 92,400 residents in its 3,435-square-kilometre (1,326 sq mi) area.[2][3] The Aust-Agder District Court is the court system that covers all of Østre Agder. The district includes all of the Church of Norway deaneries of Aust-Nedenes prosti (Gjerstad, Vegårshei, Åmli, Tvedestrand, and Risør) and Arendal prosti (Arendal and Froland) as well as a part of the Vest-Nedenes prosti (Grimstad).


The Østre Agder Region includes the following municipalities:

Nr. Map Name Coat-of-arms Adm. center Population[2] Area
Language Location
0901 Risør     Risør 6,936 192.98 Neutral Coast
0904 Grimstad     Grimstad 22,692 303.58 Bokmål Coast
0906 Arendal     Arendal 44,576 270.21 Bokmål Coast
0911 Gjerstad     Gjerstad 2,511 322.14 Neutral Inland
0912 Vegårshei     Myra 2,104 355.65 Neutral Inland
0914 Tvedestrand     Tvedestrand 6,051 215.05 Bokmål Coast
0919 Froland     Blakstad 5,713 644.54 Neutral Inland
0929 Åmli     Åmli 1,856 1,130.61 Nynorsk Inland


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