Österreich 1 (Ö1) is an Austrian radio station: one of the four national channels operated by Austria's public broadcaster ORF. It focuses on classical music and opera, jazz, documentaries and features, news, radio plays and dramas, Kabarett, quiz shows, and discussions.

Österreich 1
Broadcast area
FrequencyFM: 87.6 – 104.5 MHz
DVB-S: Astra 1N - 12.66275 GHz, transponder 115
DAB+ (South Tyrol only)
FormatClassical music, High culture
First air date
1 October 1967 (successor to ORF Erstes Programm)
Former call signs
Alpenland (in British-occupied zone)
Radio Wien I (in Soviet-occupied zone)
Radio Rot-Weiß-Rot (in American-occupied zone)
Sendegruppe West (in French-occupied zone)
ORF Erstes Programm (1955–1967)
WebcastWeb Stream
Stream URL


Ö1 logo used from 2012 until 2017

The channel was launched on 1 October 1967 as part of an exercise which saw the ORF's radio output reorganized into three numbered services, the other two being the regional stations grouped as Ö2 and the pop music channel Ö3.

Earlier, in 1964, there had been a petition for a national referendum, whereby more than 800,000 citizens declared themselves against ideological appointments of key positions within the public broadcasting service by the Austrian grand coalition government of Chancellor Alfons Gorbach (ÖVP) and Vice-Chancellor Bruno Pittermann (SPÖ) according to the Austrian Proporz system. Two years later, a legal regulation of a nonpartisan broadcasting was passed by the National Council parliament, entailing a relaunch of the ORF radio stations.

Ö1 was designated to comply with the public educational mandate (Bildungsauftrag) and to offer a broadly cultural program for an artistically inclined audience. One focus is on news broadcasts like the one-hour Mittagsjournal ("Noon Journal") and Morgenjournal ("Morning Journal"), launched in the course of the coverage of the 1968 Prague Spring. Beside established programmes such as Du holde Kunst, first aired in 1945, Ö1 since the 1970s has also broadcast radio documentaries (Hörbilder), music programmes beyond the strictly classical canon (Pasticcio, Spielräume), and several recurring reports on everyday life in a feuilleton style like Der Schalldämpfer by Axel Corti (discontinued upon his death in 1993). Similar to other classical music radio stations, Ö1 has to bear with the tension between an elitist "Hofrat widow broadcaster" and a "Classic FM" popularisation, with the station's style and scheduling a matter of ongoing debates.


RadioKulturhaus entrance, Vienna

After having broadcast from Funkhaus Wien on Argentinierstrasse in the Wieden district of Vienna for decades, the station moved to the ORF-Zentrum at Küniglberg in the Hietzing district in late 2022. The current station identification was composed by the jazz musician Werner Pirchner in 1994, the slogan Ö1 gehört gehört—a pun on "to be heard" in German conforming with "ought to"—was created by the author Wolf Haas. The interval signal of Ö1 is a three-note chord, played on a viola. There were two earlier versions of the signal: first one was played by harpsichord and the second one by a synth.

Since 2010 a 75-minute altered block of programming is broadcast every morning on the shortwave frequencies of former Radio Österreich International as Ö1 International. Ö1 internet radio can also be listened to live on the ORF website through streaming audio, the programmes can also be heard for a week after broadcast at no charge. Several are available as downloads and podcasts.

Ö1 runs the RadioKulturhaus venue in Funkhaus Wien including the KulturCafé coffee house. It also participates in the annual Donauinselfest music festival.


Name Theme Notes
Alte Musik – neu interpretiert Music Presented by Bernhard Trebuch, live from the ORF KulturCafé.
Ambiente – von der Kunst des Reisens Travel Specializing in Western Europe, presented by Ursula Burkert
Apropos Oper Music Magazine of the Vienna State Opera
Contra – Kabarett und Kleinkunst Culture Information on various theatre groups
Der Guglhupf Culture Satire, Cabaret (discontinued in 2009)
Diagonal – Radio für Zeitgenoss/innen Culture and society Weekly magazine on arts, culture, politics and new music releases
Dimensionen – die Welt der Wissenschaft Science Various articles on science and history topics
Du holde Kunst Culture Presentation of artists and their work
Erfüllte Zeit Religion Features on world religions
Ex libris – das Bücherradio Literature Modern book discussions and analyses
Ganz Ich - Wohlfühlen mit Ö1 Society Information on leading a healthy and fit life
gehört.gewusst. - das Ö1 Quiz Quizshow Chaired by Doris Glaser
help - das Konsumentenmagazin Consumerism Consumer information, tips and help
Hörbilder Culture Information and geography of foreign countries
Kabarett direkt Culture Stories related to the season at that time
Ö1 Klassik-Treffpunkt Music Interviews live from the ORF KulturCafé
Kontext – Sachbücher und Themen Information Magazine on various topics and their facts
Kunstradio – Radiokunst Music Documenting the arts
Leporello: Menschen – Moden – Lebenskunst Culture Reports on current events, trends and phenomena in arts, society and culture
Matinee live Music Live music broadcast in Dolby Digital
matrix – computer & neue medien Information Technology Computers and new media
Menschenbilder Society Portraits of famous musicians
Mittagsjournal News Midday news magazine
Moment – Leben heute Society A magazine looking at modern life
Morgenjournal News Morning news magazine
Motive – aus dem evangelischen Leben Religion For Protestants
Pasticcio Music Short classical pieces
Patina Curiosities Interesting discoveries from the ORF archives
Praxis – Religion und Gesellschaft Religion and Society How society and religion mix
Radiogeschichten Culture Biographies of famous artists
Radiodoktor - das Ö1 Gesundheitsmagazin Health Magazine on health topics
Radiokolleg Information Varied topics
Religion Aktuell Information News about religion
Rudi Radiohund Children Stories and games
Spielräume Music Mo-Fr 17.30-17.55
Synchron – das Filmmagazin Movies Latest film reviews and commentaries
Terra incognita Culture Portraits of different countries and their culture
Texte – neue Literatur aus Österreich Literature Readings of Austrian short stories
Tonspuren Culture Portraits of book and play authors
Von Tag zu Tag History Different styles and different truths in historical science
Europajournal News Background reporting about current EU and European affairs

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