Ó hUiginn

Ó hUiginn is the surname of a Gaelic-Irish family of soldiers, poets, and historians located in Connacht. Originally part of the southern Uí Néill based in the Irish midlands, they moved west into Connacht. They were especially associated with what is now County Sligo, settling at Dooghorne, Achonry and Ballynary, as well as other locations in County Mayo, County Roscommon and County Galway. More than half of those bearing the surname in Ireland today still live in Connacht. The name is commonly anglicised as Higgins or O'Higgins.


  • Tadc Ó hUiginn, a general master of all arts connected with poetry, died 1315
  • Gilla na Neamh Ó hUiginn, poet (died 1346)
Fercert Ó hUiginn, head of the family descended from Gilla na Neamh Ó h-Uiginn (died 1418)
Lochlainn, son of Fercert Ó hUiginn (died 1464)
  • Doighre Ó hUiginn, scribe of The Book of Magauran

Peter B.C O'Huiginn, actor (1943-2017), Often credited as Brogan C.Ohiginn

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